Animal Farm

Animal Farm

An animated film from 1999 based on the famous novel by George Orwell. Animals on a farm lead a revolution against the farmers to put their destiny in their own hands. However this revolution eats their own children and they cannot avoid corruption.

The animals of a farm successfully revolt against its human owner, only to slide into a more brutal tyranny among themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy D (nl) wrote: Okay but predictable and not anything amazing.

Victor C (kr) wrote: A good fighting movie and a perfect Keanu Reeves's direction debut.

Juli N (it) wrote: An extremely unsatisfying revenge film!

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jonathan s (ag) wrote: Fantastic documentary. Don't let the title fool you. You will learn about how the war on drugs has failed. It's the best documentary I've ever seen. Enjoy.

Henrik H (ag) wrote: .. en lille film med et stort hjerte!!

Liam G (nl) wrote: hard to define or explain but worth watching just for Goldblum's preformance

Ingela A (kr) wrote: Is "Dangerous minds" based on this ??

Kevin R (au) wrote: We're out of eggs so we're hunting for Easter rocks instead.Everyone is excited for the upcoming Easter and can't wait to talk to Rabbit about his plans for this year; unfortunately, Rabbit takes advantage of the holiday being about a Rabbit and cancels Easter for Spring Cleaning Day. While working, his friends have their own pretend Easter. Rabbit sees it and believes his friends had Easter without him. Rabbit will need to correct his mistakes and apologize to his friends the only way he knows planning epic Easter events."First, you sneak up on them. Then you pounce.""Just like I taught him."Saul Blinkoff (Doc McStuffins, Kronk's New Grove, and Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie) and Elliot Bour (Pixie Hollow Bake Off, Kronk's New Grove, and Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie) collaborate to deliver Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo. The storyline for this picture is actually very well done and interesting despite containing elements from Scrooge. The animation is classic Winnie the Pooh and the voices fit the character perfectly."Honey is no good for anything but making messes.""...and eating, Rabbit."We came across this on Netflix and immediately added it to the queue. We just watched it in hopes spring would be here soon. We found the film very well done and the plot unfolds well. There are some good lessons in here about how to communicate with friends. This is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."Sometimes a narrator has to do what a narrator has to do."Grade: B

Steven G (mx) wrote: This movie was so bad it was unbelievable. Don't waste your time even considering it.

Benedict L (br) wrote: genius to create Fat as a ridiculous unfit royal guard whose skill ultimately fit to save the world. A lot of laugh-out-loud moments with Carina Lau role.

Adam F (us) wrote: "Godzilla vs. Biollante" brings the franchise closer to its roots and that's a good thing, however, the movie is a mixed bag because there is not nearly as much Biollante as there should be. The film picks up immediately after the events of "Godzilla 1985", with Godzilla being imprisoned inside the erupting Mr. Mihara. A scientific team picks up some tissue left behind by Godzilla, but a terrorist attack leaves the facility where the genetic material is being studied destroyed and Erika, the daughter of genetic researcher Genichiro Shiragami (Koji Takahashi) dead. Five years later, Shiragami is researching plants and their psychic energy when he is called by the Japanese government to help create bacteria that will feed on radiation. Godzilla has returned and despite the new Super-X2 being fully operational, the King of the Monsters is sure to cause untold amounts of damage so a secondary weapon against it is necessary. When Shiragami clandestinely conducts experiments in which he combines some of Godzilla's genetic material with that of a rose, a gigantic new life form grows in a nearby lake: Biollante. It's unclear at first if this gigantic flower might be a friend or a foe to mankind, but either way she is headed for a showdown with Godzilla.Let's start with what works with this movie, and that is the special effects. The Godzilla suit being used in this film is even better than the one in "1985" and there is a decent amount of destruction and pyrotechnics too. Most spectacular is the inclusion of Biollante. The plant creature has two forms in the film, one that resembles a giant rose with carnivorous vines and the second, a monstrous creature that towers over even Godzilla, has a maw filled to the brim with razor-sharp teeth, is able to spit acid and has dozens of vine-tentacles for arms. This is not only one of the most original creatures in the franchise, but one of the most impressive. There are at one time dozens of pieces moving and it really is a technical feat as Biollante entangles Godzilla in its "arms" and the King of the Monsters struggles to set himself free. Despite the limited screen time that both forms have, it's a really memorable monster and a foe that legitimately is a good match for Godzilla. It begins as a delicate creature, one that is not looking for anything more than a couple of rays of sunshine and some nourishment when it is attacked by Godzilla. Devastated, it returns later in the film as a grotesque monster, even more alien to the world than Godzilla. Who would have thought that a giant plant/dinosaur hybrid could be a match for a fire-breathing mutation? It's this big contrast that grabs you and makes you want to see what comes up next. When Biollante rears its ugly head again, it's back with a vengeance. Now it looks like Godzilla is the one that doesn't stand a chance. The scenes with the monsters battling each other are what makes the movie worth seeing. It's not quite enough to make you forget about the bad stuff, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.For all the praise you have to give to the monster action, there really isn't that much of it. We only get a single battle between Godzilla and the first floral form of Biollante, and a single, very short battle between the villain of this movie and the final form. Between this, we get endless footage of either Godzilla being harassed by Super-X2 or the incoherent plot between the humans. A big problem is that there's very little tension when it comes to the battles between Godzilla and the human ship. Super-X2 is now being piloted by remote control, so even if you could manage to get emotionally attached to the pilot and chief commander of the project, Colonel Sho Koruki (Masanobu Takashima) there's no chance whatsoever that he is going to suffer even minor injuries from his encounters with the kaiju. It doesn't help that he gets about as much character development as the tanks Godzilla steps on casually. You can't even like him because of his military brilliance because towards the end of the movie, he becomes downright idiotic. He gives an order that you think is going to pay off and succeed despite all odds (which would make for a dramatic, tension filled moment for once) but instead it fails and Super-X2 is written out of the movie. I suppose you could give credit to the movie for having a lot going on in terms of the humans, if you don't mind it taking the form of bad dialogue and incoherent stories. Several times throughout it becomes obvious that there are simply way too many characters and too many side plots that aren't nearly as interesting as the two titular monsters. We've got this side story with a school of psychic children, headed by Miki Saegusa (Megumi Odaka), who is trying to communicate with Godzilla and Biollante several times throughout the movie. That one doesn't really go anywhere and actually only serves to confuse the audience further. Apparently on top of being a Godzilla/rose hybrid Biollante is also somehow possessed by the ghost of Shiragami's daughter (wait, what?) There is also a plot about the radiation-eating bacteria that I could not make or tails of because of the bad dubbing in the movie (and it really is bad). So it's been a recurring theme throughout the series that Godzilla is radioactive and that even if he only stomps the house that's next to yours, the radioactive fallout is going to kill you. Here they explain that they want to create bacteria that feeds on radiation to solve this problem and that it would also be a weapon against Godzilla. That makes sense. They go on further to explain that the bacteria would also negate the destructive power of Nuclear weapons and that for this reason it shouldn't be created and might be an even deadlier weapon than the nuclear warheads in the first place. Wait, what? How is making nuclear devices ineffective a bad thing? They really don't explain it well. They do, however make it clear that someone doesn't want this bacteria to be created so we get a long plot about terrorists wanting to steal the organisms. Not only are they willing to resort to murder to get what they want, but are also willing to release Godzilla from his stone prison! That's where one of my favourite bad lines in the movie comes from. We are told that "They are holding Japan ransom and Godzilla is the hostage". This word hostage... I don't think it means what you think it means script writers!I went into this movie with really high hopes, based mostly on the lukewarm results we got with "Godzilla 1985" and the excitement of seeing a brand-new monster, one that's really original and cool. Unfortunately, I sat awkwardly through really bad dialogue and a plot that's downright nutty at times. It's still enjoyable, mostly because of the really impressive monster action, but I'm telling you this now: if you want to watch this movie and have a good time, make fun of it. The human plot is bad and there are actually some terrible lines that are very quotable here so just start riffing on it and it'll be one of those "so bad it's good" Godzilla movies. As a straightforward movie (that's the way I watched this time) it's just ok. To be honest I didn't even list all of the problems I had with it but I really didn't want to rag on this one any harder than I already did because it really is enjoyable, if only for the parts featuring the titular creatures. (English Dub on Blu-ray, May 1, 2014)

Derek C (br) wrote: Great cast with interesting plot, but it goes little to nowhere. I don't know how they got the cast they did unless dir. Wise was on a hot-streak, but this isn't his best.

Les G (au) wrote: Waterloo Bridge is a wonderful romantic movie. Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor are superb and both are gorgeous.