Animal House

Animal House

At a 1962 College, Dean Vernon Wormer is determined to expel the entire Delta Tau Chi Fraternity, but those troublemakers have other plans for him.

This film is one of the most famous comedy. There are many stars in this film such as: John Belushi,Tim Matheson, Tom Hulce. Its about the adventure of the college boys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (it) wrote: This was an enjoyable movie about a safe cracker who gets out of jail after 12 years and wants his money and love of his daughter.Plays in segments sort of and it is carried fairly well by the excellent acting from Jude Law.The main character and his friend Dickie are both characters that you should dislike but you still want to see be successful.Lots of fun and goes by quickly with a great sense of humour, nudity and a little bit of action.

Rhonda L (ag) wrote: Interesting, good old time Western movie

Iain S (fr) wrote: More Gary Oldman would have made this film better

Heather (au) wrote: The movie had potential but there were so many loose ends that were hastily and messily tied up (or not at all). Also, there was a lack of character development and you really sort of feel you only got half the story.

Diana r (fr) wrote: This movie gave me nightmares

natalie p (jp) wrote: Jonathan Rhys Meyers accent is so poor and his acting so wooden that it is hard to focus on the film. Which is also pretty poor.

Sasho M (gb) wrote: had its thin moments of humor, tried to incorporate emotion-grasping moments, pretty much just annoyed me.

bill s (jp) wrote: The lull in Penn's career begins here.

Matt D (es) wrote: While not a particularly powerful film, this remains an interesting look at the time spent by our third president in France and his romances there. Oddly enough, Jefferson (as played by Nick Nolte) becomes one of the least interesting characters in the film as everything just seems to be happening around him rather than as a result of his actions. This is both a result of Nolte's less-than-firey performance and a script that tries to both play it safe by never showing Jefferson and Sally Hemmings romantically together but insisting that it happened regardless. Nonetheless, I was caught up in the historical drama of it all with its handsome production values and a great supporting cast. I've never wanted to slap Gwyneth Paltrow more than in a few scenes here and let's be honest - that's really saying something.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Good movie. Slow pace, but has enough laughs and family charm go entertain younger audiences, and has good performances from its cast.

Sergio O (it) wrote: Frank Sinatra knocks out a homophobe. Nice.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You don't think Angel's going to sell out his own people for nothing, do you?Angel is a motorcycle gang leader that needs some cash. He decides to sell out the inner workings of his own gang to a newspaper for $10,000. While he's doing this, he also starts to settle down with his girlfriend and also has a rival motorcycle gang on his ass."What are we going to do?""Shut up and let me think."Jack Starrett, director of Cleopatra Jones, The Gravy Chain, Slaughter, Final Chapter: Walking Tall, and Hollywood Man, delivers Run, Angel, Run. The storyline for this picture was actually pretty cool and I adored the use of the motorcycle gang. The shootouts and action scenes were pretty cool and the acting was above average. The cast includes William Smith, Margaret Markov, Lee de Broux, and Jennifer Starrett."I don't want to get caught with these two old bats..."I found this movie on Netflix and decided to watch it due to my love affair with the grindhouse genre. This movie was a little cheesy at times; but for the time period and genre, I would say this is slightly above average. Overall, this is a nice addition to the grindhouse genre that is worth a viewing. "Things have changed, baby."Grade: C+

Wahida K (br) wrote: Clarke Gable Movies such as this show me how Paradoxic Love is.

Georgia H (fr) wrote: such excellence. truly graceful, symbolic and aesthetically pleasing. A classic.

Pia K (de) wrote: Kivalla tavalla toteutettu leffa jossa supersuloiset nyttelijt. ;) Olin muistaakseni nhnyt tmnkin joskus aikaisemmin. Hyvin pysyi krryill, vaikka takaumissa hypittiinkin sattumanvaraisesti sinne sun tnne. :)

stephen c (br) wrote: I haven't seen it and I don't want to because only gay people watch this garbage

Allan C (nl) wrote: My favorite Joe Dante film and one of my all-time favorite comedies. I know this film isn't considered an 80s classic like "Back to the Future" but for whatever reason this is a film that I've always loved. In my video store clerk days, "Innerspace" was one of I always had on high rotation to play during my shifts. The script is by Jeffrey Boam, who had too short of a career but wrote some very good film, and Steven Spielberg produced the film, which is kind of a comic/action take on "The Fantastic Voyage." Dennis Quaid is shrunk down to miniature size so he can be injected into a rabbit, but when bad guys breaking the lab to steal the technology, he get's injected into a hapless Safeway clerk, Martin Short. Quaid established contact with Short through his inner ear and the two then team up to stop by the bad buys and safely get Quaid out of Short. The film is also greatly helped by Meg Ryan, playing Quaid's girlfriend and a plucky reporter working to uncover the story of technological espionage. The script is witty and clever, the characters are likable, the action if exciting, and the cast is especially good. I remembered most of the jokes in the film, but there were a number of them that I'd forgotten and still cracked me up; Martin Short in the doctor's office, Quaid telling Short how to fight or talk to women, Quaid psyching Short up to jump out of a moving truck or (SPOILER ALERT!) the way director Dante shoots the bad guys after they get shrunk to 50% just kills me. Director Dante also gets a lot of credit for creating a real connection between Short and Quaid, who are never actually in the same shot together until the end of the film. And this is movie that made me start a crush on Meg Ryan. I'd seen her in "Top Gun" and "Armed and Dangerous" and liked her there, but this was the film that really gave her the opportunity to show off her cute charm. Besides the main folks involved, you have a strong supporting cast that includes Fiona Lewis, Vernon Wells, Orson Bean, Kathleen Freeman, Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Rance Howard, Chuck Jones and Dante stock company actors Robert Picardo, Wendy Schaal, Henry Gibson, Dick Miller, Kevin McCarthy, NS William Schallert. There's also a find score by Dante's regular composer, the great Jerry Goldsmith. And Rob Bottin provided some of the special effects. Overall, I think this is a classic film that should be better recognized.