Anita is a weird girl, who either looses her memory or pretends to not remember.

After his ex-fiancée's sudden and mysterious suicide, a jilted bridegroom seeks answers. What he finds, makes him question if he ever really knew her. And then he begins to see her face everywhere he goes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anita torrent reviews

Erika K (it) wrote: The idea was good, but the movie wasn't...

Fwah S (gb) wrote: This movie had potential. Unfortunatley the potential died shortly after the titles had finished. Basically this movie tried to hard and realied on cheap laughs and a storyline that was very predictable.

Jennifer B (ru) wrote: WON for best live action short

Mohamed F (es) wrote: Regardless of Krtisten's usual terrible lifeless performance, the movie still managed to work, thanks to the solid script, could've been way better, but for what it is, it's a decent directorial debut.

Connor A (ca) wrote: It would seem Parker and Stone's forte is providing an alternate and often absurd explanation for the unprovable. While the concept for this film is insane, an incredible effort for a group of college students and Parker's songwriting ability flourishes, there just isn't enough laughs to sustain the film credits to credits.

Chrisanne S (us) wrote: Eh. Didn't catch me. The reprise of All of Me is great, as is Stereophonic Sound. But the other songs fizzle, as does the wasted talent here.

Cayo H (ru) wrote: Save tbe $$ to see a live Cirque show.....

Glenn B (de) wrote: Good movie. Didn't like the way it ultimately treats radicalism, but still enjoyable.

Scott J (br) wrote: This is a movie that takes on racism without dehumanizing the racist. In the end it wasn't hate, resentment or a self-righteous PC-ism that won they day, but tolerance, acceptance, good will and humor in the face of bigotry. I loved it