Czech refugee Krystyna (Paulina Porizkova) travels to New York in search of her actress idol and fellow expatriate, Anna (Sally Kirkland). After her own arrival in the Big Apple, Anna finds that celebrity often doesn't travel well, and she must go through a battery of humiliating auditions to try and get work in her adopted land. But when Krystyna and Anna finally meet, they provide a support structure for each other.

Anna is a middle-aged actress looking for work in New York City, with the help of her sometime lover, Daniel. She used to be a Czech film star married to the director Tonda, who is now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lyla R (au) wrote: greta is my favourite female character ever.

(br) wrote: Boring and Funny Film

Josh F (de) wrote: Disjointed and depressing. I suppose it's possible one of the two was deliberate.

David M (de) wrote: this is a film that is impossible to enjoy. I think that is the point. Absolutely minimalist, with less than 20 minutes of dialogue in a 100 minute film. The austere visuals and sounds create a mood of destitution and hopelessness. A 100 minute film with exactly 100 shots. One minute per shot creates a meditative tone. This is the second part in Van Sants death trilogy. In such a bleak and ultimately banal film, I feel like it's a commentary on life focused on death. The improvised dialogue only increases the banality as the characters have nothing interesting to say. Which is I think the point. It would've been interesting ad a silent film as well. It is polarizing no doubt. And the end only raises the metaphysical stakes.

Motke A (kr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies. This teenage comedy thriller never takes itself too serious and it's this lightness which makes it so fun. The movie starts with a "suspenseful" scene of the gotcha game which quickly turns comic and sets the tone for the rest of the movie. A sexy and young Linda Fiorentino is the icing on this cake.

Eric J (ag) wrote: An adorable comedy from the Classic Age featuring the incredibly beautiful Veronica Lake. The rest of the cast was awesome too. Very fun and light and a well-made production.

Richard D (gb) wrote: A predictable but enjoyable gangster film elevated by a superb cast.

Robert W (br) wrote: Very good low budget horror. With the gorgeous Katherine Isabelle.