Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

In 19th century Russia a woman in a respectable marriage to a doctor must grapple with her love for a dashing soldier.

The married Anna Karenina falls in love with Count Vronsky despite her husband's refusal to grant a divorce, and both must contend with the social repercussions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramesh M (us) wrote: One of the best films of 2014 and a perfect ending to the Shakespearean trilogy by Bharadwaj.


AlSameer C (ca) wrote: Although has some enjoyable times and better action than the first, this movie is my least favorite MCU movie with more problems than Spider-Man 3.What did I like? Like I said,the action is an improvement and while not necessary, I liked the introducing to Scarlett Johansson's Black widow. What Did I Hate? Whiplash was also underdeveloped, not much of Iron Man, too much plot holes not being answered, dumb dialogue, what happened? Overall,you might enjoy or hate Iron Man 2. I don't know what side I'm on(possibly both).

Bj H (kr) wrote: Terrible movie, loved the idea of a snowboarding movie, but terrible execution. Lots of swearing, it seemed like they were just swearing to swear. The places they chose to do it made no sense. Amber Borycki is the saving performance in this film. The best part of this film was by far the soundtrack.

Kajori A (br) wrote: A sixteen-year-old French boy meets an English woman in her thirties aboard a ferry bound for England and they end up spending the night together. The boy, Thomas, is shy and awkward but clearly very attracted to this sophisticated older woman. She, wordly and cynical, dismisses him as a mere child but is attracted to his naivete and to the fact that he pays her so much attention. She wants "to be chased". What follows is an old, old dance: when at last he leaves, nursing his wounded pride, she hurries over, anxious she may have finally lost him. The ferry is a badly lit, unfriendly place, hardly conducive to romance or tenderness of any kind, that too between two such unlikely protagonists. The fact that the film manages to be an oddly affecting tale of loneliness and quiet desperation testifies to Breillat's skills as a director. Awkward, tender, embarrassing (the boy is an odd mix of gaucherie and adult, almost impudent, bravado) and unexpectedly moving.

Sebastian P (kr) wrote: After Miyazaki's work on Princess Mononoke, he decided to work on this huge project that took him at least four years to make. That's another review, but with Studio Ghibli done with Princess Mononoke, they did need a bit of time to keep the people at least occupied with something, more so to the point that they had to learn how to use a new animation system since technology was drastically catching up with them and people were using computers everywhere. While this film was currently in production, Isao Takahata was working on a film while Miyazaki was to complete his masterpiece. When I heard that I was gonna be watching another one of Takahata's works, I was like, "Oh, here we go, another disappointment before I get to see the real masterpiece of what people actually care about!" But in 1999, just two years prior before Miyazaki's release of his next film, I seemed to have spoken too soon when I finally got the chance to watch it in 2013. My Neighbors the Yamadas, was actually able to keep me company.The plot is simple, we have a family called the Yamadas, the mother Matsuko (Mawt-su-ko), the father Takashi, young daughter Nonoko, older son Noburu (No-bah-rew), and Shige (Shee-gey) the wise cackling grandmother. Based on the comic book strip, "Nonoko-chan" you could probably guess that it is basically "The Peanuts" Japanese style, but actually there is more to that. There isn't much of a plot, per se, more so what family has to go through, and daily lives of the average Japanese household. I will say, that there is something about this film that relatively grew on me, I mean like it's a pretty film.The first thing you might notice is that, the animation looks COMPLETELY changed from a regular looking animated picture, first off, I will have to say that the backdrop looks as if the drawings are still there and I don't know how they did it, but the drawing and the colors that they used is actually quite impressive, it basically told me, "You don't need to have good animation to tell a story." Animation for a while, is a practice, I mean, this is something that was invented in the late 1930s, but then I realized that, you could make animation out of anything and the fact that they made really good animation here, trying something a little new, not just something that we've seen before, and I have to say, KUDOS. This is one of the films where I actually feel like animation doesn't necessarily have to be a necessity here. So how does the film hold out? Personally, I like it. Imagine that, I'm saying that I actually enjoy one of Takahata's works. Does it have problems? Well...I wouldn't say the film has problems, I mean it's mostly a comedy film and there is no plot, more so a construct teaching as to what average families are like. And to be honest, I like the film. There really isn't a lot to talk about here, I guess you can say I wish the background wasn't always so white, I mean I know there trying to differ to between day or night, and maybe they do have white paint in certain Japanese houses, but, I don't know, couldn't they at least put some blue colors to point out the blue sky and that its daytime? Other than that, those are the only the problems.The voice actors do a really good job, the animation as I said before is really good, and the music for some reason, I think is very good composition. Call it a guilty pleasure, but, I personally enjoyed this film.If you haven't seen it check it, I'd say go check it out, but if you're kind of a animation whore, I'd say skip this till the next film. But still, I like it. Go see it if you want to.So after many years of hard work, what could come out of Studio Ghibli next? You'll see...

Phil B (de) wrote: Big yawn. I barely broke a smile - sorry! The broad plot was fine, but the comedy factor seemed a bit weak to me. Kids might (possibly) like it, but I found myself clock-watching, waiting for it to end. Never mind.

Kristy P (de) wrote: I was a really big fan of Herbie when I was growing up. I don't know, something about that talking car just appealed to my inner nerd. ;) I'm sure if I watched it again now though I wouldn't be quite as enthused with it.

Scott W (de) wrote: Lacklustre zombie comedy has a few laughs, mostly thanks to comic performer Mantan Moreland

Trevor S (es) wrote: A film that is worthy of the title: Epic!

Nikki H (it) wrote: Deliciously awe-inspiring! Couldn't look away!