Anna, quel particolare piacere

Anna, quel particolare piacere

A beautiful but poor young girl finds all the money and material goods she never had when she becomes the girlfriend of a crime boss, but soon learns that there is a price to be paid for that kind of life.

A beautiful but poor young girl finds all the money and material goods she never had when she becomes the girlfriend of a crime boss, but soon learns that there is a price to be paid for that kind of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergiox V (fr) wrote: Esta mierda debera llamarse: "Cloverfield en el Congo", la historia es de lo mas simplona que hay, los personajes replanos, los disque dinosaurios parecen mas bien seres hbridos subdesarrollados, porque ni un T-Rex est presente en la cinta. La cmara marea ms de la cuenta, hay tantas incoherencias tan absurdas y estpidas, desde cuando hay dinosaurios que les gustan los dulces y son domesticados de la noche a la maana?.... que clase de villano repentino fue ese? que muertes tan pendejas fueron esas? porqu la chica sexy y ardiente es asesinada a pleno inicio de la "aventura"? porque tanto racismo oculto en la cinta?...... lo nico bueno fue ese Cocodrilo hbrido dragn que sali de la nada..... ah! y la salsa rosada regada al lado de mi asiento . Ya tenemos la peor pelicula del ao -.-

Loki S (au) wrote: This Movie Doesn't Interest Me.

Claudio V (jp) wrote: The proof that with a good screenplay and much will to do cinema, it may be possible make an interesting movie

Cody B (ag) wrote: This movie has its ups and it has its downs. I wouldn't say by any means this movie is a must see. It has its moments that make you laugh out loud. But by no means is it a movie that you will laugh from beginning to end. It does deliver a family feel movie with some adult humor. This isn't a movie I would be watching every night to see different angles but it definitely does have its moments all and all a decent movie. With some flaws.

Michael L (de) wrote: Quasi oedipal complex beauty following the Fall vacation of Oscar, home from boarding school to the liberal academic world of his parents in Manhattan. Falling for his step mom, sleeping with her best friend, ultimately coming of age-appropriate. Well observed on shaky-cam, a brilliant script and a mercifully short - a much better use of time and money than There Will Be Blood and other ludicrously long blockbusters that we'd rather have our lives back after watching. Bon.

Kathy R (nl) wrote: This is THE rave movie. And there's a junglist in it, Star Wars references, and Bill Hicks quotes. Perfect.

Chris S (jp) wrote: It's ok...with mostly forgettable songs, a mediocre plot, and pretty crappy animation. But that's just what you would expect from direct-to-video Disney sequels.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Motocross racer trades his bike for Hollywood dreams. It starts out well, gaining quick promotion from the club parking lot to a bouncer; although it seems half his work time is spent on the dance floor. A product of its time, featuring an in-bar funeral for a bouncer--one of many tragic ends.

Roy S (ca) wrote: This movie was filmed in Austin while I was in high school there. That is about the only thing going for it. The soundtrack is good, but given that Meat Loaf, Hank Williams Jr., Roy Orbison, Asleep At The Wheel, Alice Cooper and Blondie are in it it should probably be even better. Strictly a curiosity piece.

Private U (br) wrote: The best comedy concert you will ever see.

Private U (de) wrote: Watch it on youtube.

Leena L (it) wrote: Angelina Jolie theme day, film 3: I was not impressed. at first. then it got spooky. then really stupid and then down right scary thriller, although I saw the end coming. Not as bad as the reviews would have you believe. Olivier Martinez with accent, Kiefer Sutherland (yuk) and Ethan with a twist.

Charles G (us) wrote: Surprisingly decent film considering the cast. The premise saves it.

Tatsuhito K (kr) wrote: A very smart and intriguing psychological thriller with clever premise. It's not without flaws, but it is so meticulously crafted that you can kind of overlook its problems. Kudos to director Charlie McDowell for his assured direction, and writer Justin Lader for coming up with an original yet very modern love story about human relationships. The One I Love is a well-structured drama with a twist you don't see it coming. It's a very good movie.

David W (de) wrote: I don't know if this is a bad thing but this spoke to me!