Anni 90

Anni 90

The film is a comedy portraying the cliche ways of thinking of the italian average society at the beginning of the 90s. It's splitted into 8 episodes. The first episode is called the "the ...

Scandalously famous collections of short Italian comedies of the 90s! All that was "fun" in those years in Italy - all here! The sea of black humor on all issues - sex, politics, mafia, crime, TV... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pamela D (kr) wrote: THANATOMORPHOSE (2012) independentWRITTEN BY AND DIRECTED BY: ric FalardeauFEATURING: mile Beaudry, Eryka Cantieri, Roch-Denis Gagnon, Simon Laperrire, Pat Lemaire, Karine Picard, Kayden Rose, David TousignantGENRE: HORRORTAGS: body metamorphosis, sodomyRATING: 6 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: In this low-key, avante-garde shocker, a young woman struggles to cope with a hemorrhagic flux which turns her into a living corpse.COMMENTS: Wow! so disgusting! Thanatomorphose takes its title from a French word for visible post-mortem decay. In the film, Laura (Kayden Rose) is a slacker, wannabe artist who lives an otherwise quiet existence, accented by a few parties with her 20-something acquaintances, and rough sex with her misogynist boyfriend.With no clear cause, Laura slowly succumbs to some dreadful, Ebola-like condition which begins with mysterious bruises. Before long, her fingernails come off, her teeth loosen, and she's upchucking and urinating blood. Inexplicably, (though perhaps a degree of mental derangement is a symptom of her mysterious malady) she resists seeking medical treatment.Instead, Laura prefers to isolate herself in her tiny apartment as the disease runs it course. She's subject to frightful nightmares, visual disturbances and hallucinations. Laura's boyfriend and another suitor don't seem particularly alarmed by her transformation, choosing instead to take advantage of her as a sexual receptacle instead of rushing her to the emergency room.Thanatomorphose's plot is nearly non-existent; we follow the course of Laura's collapse and her transformation into a living, rotting corpse. Laura bounces and jiggles about her apartment, usually full-frontally nude.Laura makes eggs and bacon, Laura goes uses the toilet. Laura masturbates, even as her body is literally falling apart. Despite a storyline that is linear in the extreme, Thanatomorphose is captivating. The utterly bizarre nature of Laura's ordeal is so puzzling and out of this world that her metamorphosis into a still-animated cadaver, complete with squirming maggots, is somehow engrossing. Perhaps it's the film's direct, almost quietly pensive presentation. While much of what we see suggests ideas about our intimate relationships with our own bodies, those ideas must come from inside us, as the film makes little philosophical headway on these themes.Thanatomorphose is reminiscent of efforts such as The Fly (1986), Contracted (2013, reviewed here several weeks ago) in which a woman is similarly devoured by a rotting disease. Thanatomorphose's morbid physiological theme also brings to mind to the artful French body disassociation film, Dans ma peau (aka In My Skin, 2002), in which a woman hallucinates disembodiment of her limbs as she slowly consumes herself, and to the necrophilia shocker, Deadgirl (2008) in which two teens discover an undead mental patient strapped to a gurney, and use her as a sex slave.Thanatamorphose takes the horror of David Cronenberg style, gruesome body metamorphosis, isolates it, and distills it into the focal point of an entire film. Well executed claustrophobic cinematography, and the cloistered, dark interiors of Laura's tiny flat intimately draw us into her decadent odyssey. There's no humor, no camp, and no comic relief. While odd and experimental, Thanatamorphose more or less holds together and sustains itself. The filmmakers pull off their bare-bones premise with macabre style, good timing and editing, and some spectacularly gruesome makeup effects. The Ick! factor is through the roof on this one!

Randi H (br) wrote: It was so great! The very first 3-d movie I have ever been too. I knew it was going to be computer generated, but after a while I forgot about it. It COULD have been alot longer though. 45 minutes isn't long enough

Hayley R (kr) wrote: My family loves this movie, adults included. It's cute and makes some fun references. I really do NOT understand the amount of negativity directed at this movie. Sure, it's not Oscar material, but neither are Airplane, Hot Shots, Top Secret and scores of other funny and fun films. If you can enjoy a movie without thinking you are a high paid film critic, you should at least get a chuckle or two out of this film.

Paul D (ag) wrote: There's lots of fun on offer here for young viewers who'll probably enjoy this, however they've left out more rounded humour which would have made it more adult friendly.

Vikram T (mx) wrote: did anyone Sweta tiwari from kasautii zindagii ki was in this movie. man she's hotter than bips trust me.she looks so damn good in sari's and in for her the ratings..

Eleanor R (it) wrote: Talk about a classic!!! I loved it!!

HCI P (nl) wrote: It was an experience.

Jo C (nl) wrote: What a trip... Carpenters dream-like storytelling, unexpected humour and b-movie style sure kept me interested. But what's with the tentacles???

Lara S (fr) wrote: Um not what I was expecting and for once I did not asume the ending correctly.

Miguel A (ag) wrote: Alguns dos aspectos mais datados de "Broadcast News" so claramente vencidos pelo excelente desenvolvimento de personagens e pela vivacidade de dilogos que demonstram bem o peso que James L. Brooks teve na elevao da comdia americana a um novo patamar de inteligncia. Durante as suas duas horas e picos, "Broadcast News" consegue um equilbrio raro entre comdia e drama, ao mesmo tempo que punchy quando deve ser.

JohnnyLee T (de) wrote: Misses every note. Stars can't even save this hotchpotch. Story is banal, characters come across as unattractive, production numbers repetitive, stars don't seem to match. Obvious attempt to cash in on Funny Girl.

Gerald Y (gb) wrote: Exciting action scenes with a wonderfully crafted plot

Allen R (ag) wrote: I'm really torn on this one about whether to give it 2 or 3 stars. I enjoyed the real-world aspects of the film, like GOJIRA, where the creature interacted with a more true-to-life cast of miners who unearthed the creature rather than the sort of fantastical stock characters who populated later kaiju efforts, but it cycles over so much of the same ground as GOJIRA that its redundancy becomes dull.

Ken S (kr) wrote: Woah boy. "Get Shorty" was a funny little movie, and it needed no sequel. I guess Elmore Leonard, the writer of the original book, wrote the sequel "Be Cool", and since "Get Shorty" had been a hit, it was only a matter of time for the sequel to come out...but they might've waited to long after the heat of "Get Shorty" had long passed, and quite frankly the film is not nearly as sharp as that film had been, and the casting is terrible. Vince Vaughn is AWFUL. Mostly this film just feels like no one involved is trying to hard, and those who are don't really have the talent to back it up.

Wil R (ru) wrote: Shallow and not funny