A young schizophrenic who felt threatened by a presence he was unable to define turns up gruesomely dead in his bathtub

A young schizophrenic who felt threatened by a presence he was unable to define turns up gruesomely dead in his bathtub. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josef P (fr) wrote: I've seen worse but this was pretty bad. The acting and special effects weren't even the worst part but the hand held camera work reminded you that you were watching a movie and ruined any chance to just watch and enjoy.

Louise D (es) wrote: Sadly I found much to relate to in this study of an emotionally scattered middle-class family, so it must have been believable. Interestingly I didn't even notice the formal strictures until well into it, showing how much they suited the story being told.

Shota K (ca) wrote: another boring horror

David C (au) wrote: Very good movie. Sure shows that crime doesn't pay especially if you are new to the game. One mistake after another.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Aside from Theresa Fu's shocking and ridiculously tragic exit in the middle of the film, it's a pretty good time. Wah Yuen plays a great conniving gambler and it's awesome to see Qiu Yuen take up her role from Kung Fu Hustle, this time getting much more screen time, even getting her Kill Bill on versus a masked gang. Mahjong is a little less confusing after seeing this, but it still looks really complicated.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Laughable but enjoyable.

Keith M (jp) wrote: Little monster statues that come alive when they are shocked by electricity and when the are cut in pieces they become more then one. Its like they mix Gremlins with Ghouls, only different is Gremlins was a good movie (this isn't) and Ghouls is better then this movie (Ghouls not being a good).

Linda K (au) wrote: The BEST foreign film I've ever seen. Great story line.

John D (us) wrote: Charm factor of 10, and naturally, being a British production, the anti-Hollywood ending will shatter a heart or three.

Tony K (br) wrote: Not quite sure why this doesn't quite work. It's got all the features of a classic Thunderbirds episode - maybe it's a bit too long.

John R (fr) wrote: Magnetic Rose is outstanding.The other two are more forgettable.

Jaime R (kr) wrote: The greatest rock concert film of all time, and one of the most brutal documentary film experiences.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 4/5/2015: An ok film. Williams did very well in this non-comedic role.