A man finds himself homeless after a fight with his significant other.

A man finds himself homeless after a fight with his significant other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will M (mx) wrote: Many of the jokes are stale, and a few plot holes are left unexplained. Stewart gives a good performance though.

Geoffrey T (ru) wrote: I think this wants to be a life lesson movie. It seemed that way. But everything it glorified and showed off in the flashiest of ways belies the lessons at the end. It seemed contradictory, and that the life lesson part was only there as a necessary bump to have naked people running around for the 90 minutes before it. On the optimistic side, I think somewhere, hidden beneath the sexual content and shots of beautiful LA houses was a few complex characters. However, the actors couldn't pull them off. As soon as you hear Kutcher's forced bravado voice, you know the movie's done for. The actors were in over their heads.

Trevor H (au) wrote: worst. thing. ever.

John B (br) wrote: Godard's semi documentary has many interesting elements but it's inability to come up with a cohesive whole ultimately leaves the viewer wanting.

Uriel A V (kr) wrote: Tiene todos los elementos para considerarse una de las peliculas mas shoqueantes jams hechas, pero de una manera diferente, pues aunque toca temas "delicados" como el sadismo, masoquismo, incesto, necrofilia y ultra-violencia... es muy divertida!

Frances H (ag) wrote: Interesting story of mob mentality during the hot summer when Son of Sam was terrorizing New York City. The city mob driven to frenzy is a dominant theme of Spike Lee"s best work, like Do the Right Thing.

John T (ag) wrote: Surprisingly good movie...great love story and authentic casting

Paul D (kr) wrote: Well, critics and general audiences seemed to have a stick up their butt's for this movie. Okay, so it isn't as good as the Despicable Me movies, but I did not find this to be anywhere near as bad as people said it was. Sure, the minion dialog got annoying from time to time, but overall, I think this movie is watchable and I'm sure the kids will like it too.