Another Country

Another Country

Set in the 1930s, Guy Bennett and Tommy Judd are friends because they are both outsiders in their own ways. Bennett is openly gay, Judd is a Marxist. It explores his homosexuality and exposure to Marxism, while examining the hypocrisy and snobbery of the English public school system. The film is loosely based on the life of the spy and double agent Guy Burgess.

Based on the life of the young Guy Burgess, who would become better known as one of the Cambridge Spies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kyo 9 (nl) wrote: wasted my valuable time watching this movie..

Eliabeth R (it) wrote: The Fountain is so good and so sad a husband goes to find something to save his wife of cancer.

Pam M (es) wrote: A comedy? Really? Flat-out NO! This movie makes a serious point, that how we speak to one another makes all the difference in our lives; the difference between success and failure, the difference between easy relatedness and awkwardness, the difference between safety and violence, the difference between being locked-up (literally as well as emotionally) and being free. LaCroix brilliantly contrasts the harsh argot of a present-day Parisian banlieue, with the artful, classical dialogue of Marivaux. And that scene with the police treating our beloved teens like serial killers? Those police are those same teens, only a few years older with adult responsibilities. What a revelation! Not to make too grand a generalization, but I now understand so much more about urban police than before.Thank you to Abdellatif Kechiche and to everyone who contributed to this production. It was brilliant!

Yannick D (kr) wrote: Although the decision to fully animate the characters helps them blend in with the digital environment it doesn't do the movie great favours in its aging process. Put that and some anatomical silliness aside however and you will find Beowulf to be an expressively poetic thrill ride.

Janet (au) wrote: I liked it. IT was simple and the two make a great team in the end.

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