Answered by Fire

Answered by Fire

Mark Waldman (David Wenham) is an Australian policeman who volunteers for the United Nations mission in East Timor. Put in charge of the Civilian Police at the UN base in Nunura, he meets Julie Fortin (Isabelle Blais), a Canadian policewoman on her first overseas mission, and Ismenio Soares (Alex Tilman), the young Timorese translator assigned to work with the unit. Mark and Julie are unarmed and emotionally unprepared for the brutal reality of Timor, while Ismenio is cynical about whether the UN can prevent what seems an inevitable, bloody end to the process. Against growing intimidation and violence from the Indonesians and East Timorese militia, they work to get the Timorese registered to vote. Ismenio's fears are realised when the vote goes pro-independence, the country is set alight and the UN evacuates. Mark and Julie are forced to abandon Ismenio and his family to a nightmarish fate at the hands of the Indonesian military and its murderous militias.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:australian history,  

An action packed mini series set against the tumultuous lead up to the 1999 referendum in East Timor and its horrifying aftermath, in which two UN Volunteers take on more than they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel T (es) wrote: This movie while fun is really stupid and full of plot holes

Joey S (kr) wrote: Not a terrible movie. Don't know what else to say

GreekCthulhu m (kr) wrote: Holy shit, how they do that? Thats what i said to myself in almost every scene. Its a mix of incredible cgi and incredible traditional animation and the result is explosive! full action packed, with great background story, a bit too emotional sometimes but boy, what an achieve. An eye candy expirience.

Stephanie O (au) wrote: When I think of great acting, I think of this movie.

Benjamin F (br) wrote: With a good cast, it is an awesome movie for kids, but adults will find little enjoyment here.

Harry W (mx) wrote: Featuring a critically acclaimed performance from Hayden Christensen, Shattered Glass sounded like a strong chance to see the actor in top form.Seeing Shattered Glass with the intention of witnessing the greater capabilities of Hayden Christensen proved to be a prophecy that was fulfilled. Alas, the film didn't really fulfil much else in terms of entertainment. The central flaw in the film can be credited to Shattered Glass' sheer simplicity. It is a film which aims to touch viewers with its exploration of characters and the industry they work within as a means of challenging audience perception of ethics in journalism, but it really doesn't have that much of a story. The entire plot essentially occurs entirely within the workplace touched upon by the film, the offices of The New Republic journalists. We are given a light sense of the difficult atmosphere they work within and the communal engagement that has developed between them all, but rarely do we get much of a sense of their respective individuality. We get a decent portrait of the characters and their ambitions, but no understanding of how they function on a deeper level. We are particularly given minimal understanding of Stephen Glass' personal history or the deeper purposing behind his decisions to create fraudulent stories, meaning that the story is more of a glimpse into the life of the journalism workplace than it is an in-depth character piece. As the story maintains a shallow focus in a story which is already rather simplistic and carries a slow pace, Shattered Glass rarely ends up being strongly engaging. The best moments of the film consistently prove to be the most intense character interactions, and since character depth isn't one of the better aspects of the film the drama ends up mostly monotonous. Shattered Glass is simply a film in which far too little happens for audiences to be kept consistently engaged.This kind of focus also means that the film fails to be an exercise in style as there is nothing experimental or distinctive about the manner in which the film presents itself on a visual level. Everything comes off as bland, and although the fact that the film is a simple low-budget production means that this can't be a point of high criticism, the fact is that the film ends up as lacking on a visual level as it is with overall depth. But given that Shattered Glass is Billy Ray's debut as a director, this simply serves as a sign that he still needs to find his footing.At the very least, Billy Ray deserves some praise for being restrained enough to let the actors take charge with their characters. And as a result, the high point of Shattered Glass can definitely be attributed to the performances of the cast.Hayden Christensen delivers one of the finest performances of his career in Shattered Glass. The man captures the sympathies of audiences by emphasizing his friendly nature. Focusing on trying to charm audiences and every other character around him, Hayden Christensen works to emphasize well-intentioned nature of Stephen Glass through his gentle nature and his friendly reactions with those around him as a man who attempts to avoid conflict in any way possible. It becomes easy to side with him in the process and believe anything he says, making it more difficult to accept the fact that his stories were largely fabricated. While we don't understand the full extent of how he justified it to himself, Hayden Christensen exposes the insecure and vulnerable nature of the character. The actor is very restrained with the role, refusing to enter melodramatic territory. He is actually very restrained with the character, only revealing the side that Stephen Glass would have wanted to share with audiences before breaking down the barriers of himself more and more as his career begins to collapse around him. Hayden Christensen creates a very likable protagonist and delivers his words in a manner which is very sophisticated an intelligent, boosting the credibility of his character and the story of Stephen Glass. As a contrast to his widely-criticized performances as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (2002, 2005), Shattered Glass is a reminder of the greater potential the actor had in a role with better material.However, Peter Sarsgaard delivers the real standout performance of Shattered Glass. While the film itself has us convincingly hypnotized by the charms of Stephen Glass and sympathising with his struggles, Peter Sarsgaard takes on the responsibility of giving the film an antagonist by portraying the man determined to take him down. Charles Lane is a man on a relentless fight to maintain a fair standard of ethics in journalistic practice, one in which he must conquer Stephen Glass to do. He is the villain of Stephen Glass' story and the hero of the ethical world, therefore being the most layered character in the story. The story delves into a seemingly personal vendetta he has against Stephen Glass which makes it questionable just where his true intentions lie. It's hard to decipher the motivation behind the character, but with his sophisticated line delivery and raw emotional edge he becomes so interesting that audiences cannot help but wonder it. Peter Sarsgard's powerful charisma cements his presence as the most interesting character in the story. When he and Hayden Christensen interact, the film enters its most glorious moments because the contrasting nature of the two characters ends up challenging audience perception of right and wrong. We support the liar and condemn the judge, and it says a lot about the extent of power in the actors' performances. Together, Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard give some memorable moments of dramatic power to Shattered Glass.Chloe Sevigny and Hank Azaria also make likable characters, and Rosario Dawson is welcome as always.Shattered Glass brings out the best acting talents of both Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgard, but despite their efforts to make the story more emotionally compelling, the script ends up lacking sufficient character insight which results in a rather simplistic glimpse into the office of journalistic practice and little else.

Ellie L (ru) wrote: was on the edge of my seat the entire time... so thrilling!

Nadine M (kr) wrote: hey i remeber richard from 21 jump st.

Esha K (ag) wrote: Not For the faint of hearts... or for the stupids who always look for deeper meanings of entertainment... This movie is fun through and through... My second most favorite Bruce Willis film... :)

Saran M (fr) wrote: An overly symbolic, superficial, drag of a film. It can be overwhelming and at times perhaps a little bit racist. It has too much filler for a movie you already know the plot of due to the Greek myth. The tone is just right for a movie from the 50s-60s so if that's you're thing, you'll probably enjoy it. It's full of fantastic imagery and music and is interesting for those studying Brazil.

Steve G (ca) wrote: One of the funniest & most beautiful films in all of cinema.The greatest Chaplin film of all time. The greatest silent film of all time. Some would argue, the greatest ending of all time.Alexander Bakshy's a contrarian knob.

Wayne C (au) wrote: excellent moving documentary recommended

Teddy V (ag) wrote: Shitty Dustin Hoffman paycheck flick starring ... just about everybody. In spite of a Hollywood-style "all star cast," this movie drowns in mediocrity, plot-wise, acting-wise, and in every other way imaginable. If you want to watch a not so great movie with a massive A-list cast, just watch Sneakers...

Ryan A (au) wrote: best movie ever. the ship about titanic sank with iceberg

Michael T (nl) wrote: I have read and enjoyed A. Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Lots of fans of the great detective feel quite strongly about different interpretations of the characters Doyle created which are not "canon." I am not one of those. And I did enjoy this very entertaining comedy in which Dr. John Watson (Ben Kingsley, an underrated comic actor) is actually the detective and Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Watson and played by a boozing womanizing out-of-work actor, played by Michael Caine. These two Oscar winners (Kingsley; Best Actor for Gandhi in 1982/ Caine; Best Supporting Actor for Hannah And Her Sisters, 1986. Caine would win Best Supporting Actor again for Cider House Rules in 1999) are backed by a talented cast of British actors. This is another film I rented on VHS way back in the day. I recently picked up the Olive Films Blu-Ray disc. I note that the current BBC series Sherlock is serious but has a very good sense of humour.

Paul D (us) wrote: A wonderful, uplifting movie with three great leads and a direction that captivates despite the obvious plot lines and superficially simplistic story.