Antes de morir piensa en mí.

Antes de morir piensa en mí.


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Antes de morir piensa en mí. torrent reviews

Jack H (es) wrote: Fucking horrible movie.

Dylan D (nl) wrote: So Undercover won't win any (positive) awards and many may outright dismiss it based solely on the actress in the lead role. One can't blame others for overlooking this movie, and it's not a gem, but it is a bit better, somewhat more fun, than it superficially appears to be. Miley Cyrus turns in a charming and balanced role, her sorority sisters do the ditzy thing very well, and the story plays out predictably but nevertheless proves mildly entertaining and largely humorous. This is a good, relaxing little movie that might be a bit too adult-oriented for the smallest Miley fans, but most audiences should get a kick out of what is a simpleminded but generally entertaining little flick.

Kirat P (mx) wrote: ITS QO\UITE A GOOD FILM

Sara R (au) wrote: i would give it 2.5 becuz dey made Pakistan appear as d bad guy which was bad of dem to do so..i mean if u goto afghanistan den u wuld probably find out that where dis is terrorism mess really is!! John was kewl!! arshad was great too...hmmm.... i think it wanted to point more on dat belief that afghanistan shuld nt be held responsible for wat was happening in dis dirty terrorism i think pakistan's major fault was to supprt afghanistan in d war against USSR...dat opened d border and wallah!! we got terrorism as a gift from d neighbouring country wow!!...not a gud movie but i f u interested in wasting the peaceful afternoon of urs ...dn kill urslef by watchin dis Boring documentary on events related to 9/11..which u have watched 100 tymes on tv farenheit 9/11!! a way betta documentary type...title song was gud!!

Rachel M (fr) wrote: the title of the movie and the DVD cover looked so cool. but the story...hmmmmm... at least, i learned honesty and friendships are important.

MariePier D (ru) wrote: A classic kid movie.

Greg S (br) wrote: Basically a series of absurd sketches, like a feature film made by a TV comedy troupe, with a thin organizing plot thread involving a man straining to write a big speech for a cultlike figure modeled on L. Ron Hubbard. Full of ideas that are usually more clever than funny---e.g., the running joke satirizing lack of communication between men and women by having the characters speak jibberish, generic phrases, or different languages---but it should prove interesting and inventive enough to keep smart people watching to the end. Director Steven Soderbergh comes onscreen before the story starts and tells us, "In the event that you find certain sequences or ideas confusing, please bear in mind that this is your fault, not ours. You will need to see the picture again and again until you understand everything." So, you've been warned.

angel m (jp) wrote: Awsome Western Love Story If You Have Not Seen This You Have Missed Out !

Bob W (it) wrote: A great movie. Sam Pickenpah departs from his usual violent vein to direct a quiet story of a man who is committed to his way of life and the family of which he is a part of. Steve McQueen is excellent in this role. He showed the quiet character of a few cowboys I knew.

Joules L (fr) wrote: terrible... a guide as to how not to cope in a situation... One swift karate chop and the pain would have been over quickly for both the main character, Clive, and the sullen audience.

John P (ru) wrote: No, this is not Tim Allen's The Santa Claus, but rather a Mexican film that tells the timeless tale of the battle between Santa and Satan. Yes, Santa must contend with the Devil, or rather his not so sinister minion Pitch, who plans to corrupt the world's children into being naughty. Did I say the world's children? Well actually he focuses his efforts mainly a poor little girl named Lupita, who resists his efforts, and a trio of brothers who fall all too easily, and hatch their own plan to kidnap Santa and steal all his toys. Sound weird right? Well it only gets weirder. You see, in this story Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, he lives in a space-castle directly above the North Pole. And there are no elves. Rather he's aided by stereotypical children from around the world, who are introduced in an endless scene with no clear purpose. Come to think of it, where do they live the rest of the year? Oh and his ability to "see you when you're sleeping" and "know when you're awake," well that's because he has an array of surveillance equipment that would make Langley drool. He's got a massive telescope with an eyestalk that can see anything, anywhere, even through walls. Plus there's the ear scope, a plastic dish with an ear that can hear anything, plus a machine that looks into children's dreams. Creepy might not be strong enough of a word. You might reasonably ask where he gets all this stuff. Simple, he has Merlin running his own personal Q branch. Besides all this spy gear, Merlin also provides Santa with dream dust, which makes children fall asleep, the "flower to disappear" which makes him invisible, and his reindeer. Yes, the reindeer are oddly creepy mechanical constructs- wind-ups in fact. And if they're exposed to sunlight, they'll disintegrate, leaving him stranded on earth, where he'll die of starvation because he and his people eat food made from clouds, and he can't digest our food, and I swear I'm not making this up. I'm not that creative- or crazy. Once all this is set up, and believe me it takes a while, most of the movie consists of Santa and Pitch playing childish pranks on each other; using a blowtorch on a doorknob to make it red hot, firing toy cannons into each other's backsides, that kind of thing. The biggest moment of suspense comes when a dog trees Santa and the neighbors think he's a burglar. I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that Santa gets home safely, or that poor little Lupita gets the doll she's been wanting for Christmas, or that the bad little boys get what they deserve. So there's no real storyline, not much in the way of excitement or laughs, and you have to wonder just how powerful the denizens of Hell are if all they can accomplish is to make a trio of brats throw rocks through a department store window. This movie also gives us the most distorted view of Christmas since the even worse Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. And yet Santa Claus is apparently considered a holiday classic in Mexico, with showings on network television every year in December. I guess there's no accounting for taste, although this more the kind of thing I would have expected from Japan.

David W (nl) wrote: With amazing sound quality, music, and comedy, The Gold Rush By Charlie Chaplin reminds why he is so beloved in the first place!

Greg W (jp) wrote: okj version of this oft told tale of early settlers

Adam B (de) wrote: Not the best but not the worst. At least half of it was good.

Katerina N (es) wrote: Very nice, romantic movie, it combines romance and mystery about two relatioships 100 years apart