Caught in a Mosh, Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover), Room for One More, Potters Field, Antisocial (Trust cover), This Is Not an Exit, Indians, Hy Pro Glo, In My World, Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun (Beastie Boys cover), Only, Madhouse, Startin' Up a Posse, Bring the Noise (Public Enemy cover)

Principal Satyaprakash is a decent middle-class man who manages a co-ed college. He witnesses his daughter, Pooja, being molested by Kali, the son of gangster Dhabla, objects to this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anth torrent reviews

Becky S (nl) wrote: Great zombie movie for a lower budget film!! See it if you get the chance.

Ben S (ag) wrote: Out of morbid curiosity

Genny M (jp) wrote: Esta muy interesante. Me gusto mucho.

Chuck W (nl) wrote: I liked how this story talked of the Harlem Renaisance, as well as how it involved this young man.

Mark N (ru) wrote: Some outstanding performances carry the movie after the well written first act material runs out and relies entirely on the characters to carry the piece. That aside it is a more than competent movie that is fun and engaging to watch.

Mike N (jp) wrote: just a fun movie i loved it. "idle hands are the devils playground."

Jennifer S (ag) wrote: Tromeo and Juliet is a bizarre, gory, vulgar and outlandish spin on the Shakespearian tragedy that only Troma could pull off! Surprisingly earnest acting from the stars (Will Keenan, Jane Jenzen and Debbie Rochon) give it a little heart and help counterbalance all the fast-paced mayhem. Recommended!

Les E (fr) wrote: This is about as Western as a Western could be. Good cowboy meets abandoned lady rancher. They make friends with good Apache but it all goes bad when the cavalry arrive. Lots of Apaches get killed but the US army still somehow end up looking like heroes.

Michaela B (gb) wrote: Ah, how I enjoy Vivien Leigh.

ISac W (nl) wrote: If you know nothing about mythic gods then its a good movie....if you do then too many issues with the story and how the gods are represented

Eric C (kr) wrote: Rocky II was the response from Stallone to give the fans what they want. With the cliched ending all heroes get. It's still an incredible film to see. Showing a side of Rocky we only saw a little bit in the original. However, this film does mark the birth of Rocky Jr. and the marriage of Rocky and Adrien. Definately a must-see.