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Antha torrent reviews

David P (de) wrote: The movie left the wife and I in shock! what a incredible story. Now there are two movies that have brought a single stinging tear to my eye. the other was Old Yeller. Great movie, Cast and direction. P.S. I m not even a Brad Pit Fan. Kudos

Ellie L (gb) wrote: not even sure what I was expecting bit this was definitely not it. very painful to watch. at least it was on dvd & not in the theatres

Andrew B (ca) wrote: I saw this with my wife (a non Russian speaker) she did not like this movie at all. The poor translation ruined this fantastic historical drama

Sounak M (gb) wrote: An absolute masterpiece. It's so amazing, the fact that Vinay Pathak can portray humorous roles and tragic roles both with such panache. A legend of an actor, he is! Loved the movie. Before it gets lost behind big banner movies, guys, don't miss this! :)

Armel M (ca) wrote: Un bon polar, avec une histoire faisant se rencontrer deux recals de la vie. Cassel, mme quand il est moche, russit tre beau, animal, et Devos joue la femme faible d'apparence mais fatale et dtermine si une opportunit se prsente, un mlange de girly, de vamp et de boudin complex. Vraiment un bon film.

Kathleen W (nl) wrote: What a concept. And it really delivers until the audience loses hope, which happens too early on. But what a concept to go all-in on.

Jason J (us) wrote: A world full of high tech Egyptians.

jim b (de) wrote: The best luggage movie ever made! One of my alltime faves

Thomas D (es) wrote: '25 DAYS OF HELLIDAY HORROR' #1: ELVES (1989) HELLIDAY HORROR kicks starts in full force with a real stinking piece of shit called 'ELVES'. The tagline on the movie cover is great, it says "They're not working for Santa Anymore!" wuahaha classic. So you have this christmas horror movie about evil worker Elves for Santa right?? ....Wrong. What you have is a freakin' Helliday piece of shit!! Plot: Nobody will ever believe me, but Elves isn't really about Santa, Christmas Elves...It is about none other than...yes, you guessed it....Killer Nazi Elves! Yep....yep. I know its hard to believe but its true. I wont even bother to try to explain the stupid shit of a plot line. The screenplay must have just been awful! So its not even really about a horde or clan of elves either, its just this one, stupid, flubby looking, fake Elf, or gnome, or whatever the hell it is. It was awakened in the forest by the main girl cutting her hand and spilling blood into the floor of the forest, awakening...The Elf! The shit odor doesn't end there. The girl is actually a child of inbreeding because her grandfather had sex with his daughter, who gave birth to her. It turns out that the elf needs to find this girl to have sex with her to inpregnate her and begin a hideous race of Elves! It is revealed toward the middle of the movie that this is exactly what he Nazi's tried to do long ago...yes thats right. They tried to breed Elves to become the 4th Reich, or something stupid like that. Overall: The movie was awful! I dont even have to bring up the plot again! The special effects were awful. Heck by the end of the 80's they should've had decent enough effects to at least make a semi-realistic looking Elf. Instead it looks like a pitiful puppet that was probably used somewhere in the background of the 'Dark Crystal'! All of the up close scenes of its feet are awful! the feet barely touch the ground! it is so obviously a puppet that it is just sad. The movie also stars Dan Haggerty who played Grizzly Adams in 'The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams'.He actually recites this line: "I want to know what the connection is between the Elves and the Nazi's!" Wuahahahahaha really???? He says it with such heart too. It really is just sad. The only real relation the movie kept with Christmas was that it did take place on Christmas Eve/ Christmas, and Haggerty basically plays Santa Claus because he is hired for a cheap Santa gig at a department store, so everyone calls him Santa. Sadly the movie can not be considered anything great except it is quite a nice preparation for the shit fests to come in '25 Days of Helliday Horror'. Also just for the record, the Elf only killed 3 people total! How sad is that. There also is not any kind of sequel, and it is obvious why, this movie is so shitty that it should die and be buried alone. The plot was so all over the place and stupid that it would have been so much easier and better to just have it a movie about killer Santa Elves that are resurrected or are from the north pole or something, that all come in a huge, evil horde (like Gremlins) and terrorize a town!! Now that is what X-mas horror is all about! Terrorizing the fuckin' town! Just to clear the raunching stink of Elves, I am going to have to watch something good and classic for movie #2, GREMLINS! *Review to come soon* Have a very, scary, merry christmas everyone :)

David S (us) wrote: Beautifully composed, from both script and cinematography levels. Develops its characters in steady but sure strokes as more than just the aristocratic one-dimensional figures they appear to be.

Al M (it) wrote: Bedlam is an entertaing exploration of corruption in 18th century mental asylums. I would not exactly call it a horror film although it certainly features elements of the horrific, but it is powerful and fun exploration of corruption, cruelty, perversity, and mental illness. Karloff is truly amazing as the gleefully debonair and maniacal head of Bedlam who uses the label of insanity to jail those who threaten his political and financial benefactors, and then he tortures, degrades, and neglects the inmates of the asylum. A bizarre, almost unclassifiable film, Bedlam will delight fans of Lewton and Karloff alike.