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Anthology torrent reviews

Mj M (us) wrote: i love dis movie ...super,,,,....

Ashwin H (gb) wrote: Good movie...but wouldn't include it in the mani rathnam classics...

BellaRay (de) wrote: Zero interest. ZERO.

Ford L (jp) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen in Italian.

Eric H (gb) wrote: I absolutely adore this made for TV film. Frankly having just re-watched a VHS I have I would so love to have this on DVD. It gets NO AIRINGS on TV to my knowledge. Shame.I loved Peter Hooten and John Mills and Clyde Kusatsu. What a HOME Lindmer had!!! The vivacious Jessica Walter at her absolute sexiest! There is something very special about this film; a compassion, a humanity that can sometimes appear cheesy and forced in the medium however, despite what some may think, there is a genuineness about Hooten and Mills performances that I found so refreshing.Keeping in mind that this is made for TV and with a background that lends itself to formulaic triteness I think the crew did a heck of a job.The set for Lindmer's house is well done for a film with a rock bottom budget.Good versus Evil, as old as man, and this is a special entry in that genre.

Gregory W (kr) wrote: very good costume drama

Anya S (ca) wrote: To be honest this movie was not that bad. I liked this interpretation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a more modern setting was very fun and interesting.

Craig W (ru) wrote: Enjoyable romp. Others have mentioned the chemistry between Caine and Kingsley - that surely made this better.

Priyu K (kr) wrote: absolute shit. elizabeth taylor's propensity for overacting shows an emotional intelligence insulting to the already petulant faculties of her character.

Dominic C (mx) wrote: Enjoyable fun, however it's a shame that movie special effects were used to do some of the 'magic' rather than keeping it real.