A complex and fascinating experimental exploration of time and identity. ‘Anti-Clock is a film of authentic, startling originality. Brilliantly mixing cinema and video techniques, Arden and Bond have created a movie that captures the anxiety and sense of danger that has infiltrated the consciousness of so many people in western society.

The Anti-Clock project takes Jospeph Baphs though the shadows of his past to confront that mirror image of the self that condemns us all - a blind automaton whose words are simply the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joven M (mx) wrote: Very funny screen play and very handsome guys!!!

Anya S (nl) wrote: I had to watch this for my oceanography class, and to be honest I was very interested in what they had to say about the war over water. Watch this if you are very easily motivated to go and stand for something.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Brody tries his hand at playing both the hero and villain. He used an anagram of his name for the villain credit (Byron Deidra). The plot is simple and the directing is just adequate. Feels made-for-TV, but fans of Brody might want to take a look.

Alvar G (ru) wrote: Esta pelcula me sorprendi, por ser una de las primeras basadas en un libro, cuyo autor las dirige y escribe el guin. Por tanto, si no era fiel al libro era porque l no quera. La verdad es que es muy fiel, pero un libro tan largo y tan rpido no se puede meter en menos de 2 horas y hay escenas muy apresuradas, tramillas secundarias que se quedan fuera, pero en resumen es un retrato adecuado del libro que tan buenos momentos me dio.

Eileen H (ag) wrote: good film, sometimes alittle boring for me

Dann M (ag) wrote: Quasimodo and his friends are back in the direct-to-video sequel The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. The main cast returns, and are joined by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Haley Joel Osment. The animation however, is extremely poor and isn't even up to television standards (Disney should be embarrassed). But even worse is the trite, uninspired story about a traveling circus that's attempting to steal a jewel encrusted bell that's in the Notre Dame cathedral. Additionally, the constant hammering of the theme of things being beautiful on the inside is annoying. Incredibly ill-conceived, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II is a generic piece of tripe that betrays Victor Hugo's original vision.

Misty S (au) wrote: IT WAS STUPID EVER !

Tub W (kr) wrote: classic= luv dis movie

Heather M (gb) wrote: Really funny and witty but you need a very Scottish sense of humor, definitely worth a watch if you like train spotting.

bill s (nl) wrote: Starts out fine then just crawls to a halt.

Dave B (es) wrote: More stupid fun from the Hulkster as he plays an intergalactic renegade hiding out on Earth until he can set things straight. A recipe for wackiness!

Scott A (kr) wrote: This was one of the last great 80's horror films I ever discovered...and if memory serves, I never saw it until I was almost in High School in the mid 90's.Yeah, the poster looks like it could be some great Mall horror film, but if anything it's actually more action/science fiction, as the killer are three robots. Sent in to be night time security, they of course get struck by lightning and begin to hunt people. Sadly, eight people are having an orgy like party in a mattress want skin, look here. Crampton finds a way to show her amazing chest off, as does Suzee Slater. Karrie Emmerson almost gets there too. Like a lot of gracious nudity, followed by an hour of pure action!But the cast is awesome. Crampton's character can get annoying at one point sadly, but everyone else is solid. Lots of genre blood in there. Dick Miller as a janitor, Angus Scrimm, Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, Rusell Todd...and I thought Rodney Eastman was the shop lifter in the video they show, and it turns out...he is!Some of the death scenes are kind of is pretty infamous or so I read.

Harry W (it) wrote: Drunken Master is largely a retread of Jackie Chan's previous Kung Fu venture Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, but that makes it simple and just another entertaining Kung Fu venture which is well choreographed, strongly directed and utterly more comical.Although it is practically exactly the same as Snake in the Eagle's Shadow since it has a hugely similar plot and structure, the same director and the same actor, there's no reason to complain about that because Drunken Master is one of Jackie Chan's finest works. This is because its a compelling and well structured Kung fu story with a serious plot, but balanced with hilarious dynamics. Drunken Master is absolutely hilarious because of the zany two main characters making a hilarious on screen duo, combining the talents of actor Jackie Chan with the equally hilarious dynamics of actor Yuen Siu-tien and forming a great comedic duo who work the eastern slapstick humour in the perfect cheap entertaining manner. They bring the energy of Drunken Master to life and make it the success that it is and deserves to be recognised as.Really there had been plenty of great elements incorporated into the story by director Yuen Woo-ping on Drunken Master and it comes together greatly, consisting of many themes and fine elements with the predominant one being an entertaining source of comedy.The comedy establishes a non-serious atmosphere which make Drunken Master an easy film to watch with simple humour in its eastern physical comedy style, the mind Charlie Chaplin would do if he were a Kung Fu master.So of all of Jackie Chan's foreign language martial arts pieces, Drunken Master is one of his most entertaining and surely one of his funniest, thanks to him and Yuen Siu-tien.

Paul A (us) wrote: Sean Penn in his most likable, most compassionate performance ever.