When a notorious German serial killer is captured after committing some of the most heinous acts against humanity ever imaginable, a farmer and police officer from a sleepy rural community on the outskirts of Berlin is drawn into the case as he searches for the answers to a murder that has shaken his tight-knit community.

Long wanted serial killer Gabriel Engel gets arrested in a spectacular police strike. Small town cop Michael Martens travels to the big city to interrogate him. He associates a brutal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Turtleboy G (nl) wrote: The movie was good at some points, but tried too hard to be funny. Some scenes were just awkward, and some just didn't make sense. The acting was a little over the top, and the actors were good for the most part. This movie was also very offensive and had lots of really stupid parts. Pretty bad comedy if you ask me, but I guess you might like it if you've seen the first.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Entertaining, but REALLY stupid!

Paul M (us) wrote: I love Pixar! Their animat... oh crap. nm.

Dyllan Jay R (fr) wrote: Surprising how much two people can accomplish after knowing each other for what seems like 2/3rds of a day.

Chris J (ru) wrote: Fantastic acting and drama

Mike T (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic little movie with a simple yet totally effective plot. Most of its humour comes from a very disfunctional family trying to function in confined space. The family like the RV are just about holding together for the journey. Not cheesy or over sentimental this is a beautiful & funny story of how family can pull together when they really need to & overcome adversity.

Yanti A (es) wrote: to simply put it: a romantic version of The Terminator. :))

Matthew M (es) wrote: Roy Scheider and Richard Lynch star in a movie about undercover cops and people impersonating undercover cops. Roy Scheider is the lead star and Richard Lynch along with another are the main bad guys. They get leads by Tony Lo Bianco. The car chase scene is great. The sawed off shotgun and the gritty feel of the movie I enjoyed as well. It is cool to see two of my favorite actors in a movie together. Also Joe Spinell makes an appearance. It is an entertaining action film and I enjoyed it. I felt that the best part was the car chase scene but also liked the shootout at the end as well. Overall, it was real and felt that way throughout the picture. I also enjoyed the casting.

Nathan M (it) wrote: Great movie from '73. This movie is pretty much responsible for Tarantino's Kill Bill.

Cathey M (us) wrote: Great movie! Soundtrack is awesome. Richard Dreyfus at his finest in my opinion.

Russell G (ru) wrote: Before Leone redefined the western, he made this sword and sandals epic. Packed with action, already showing the style he will be famous for, the odd thing about this one is it's rather quick ace. Also, it could of been called "The Colossal Feet Of Rhodes", due to budget. ;) A fun film.

Andy A (kr) wrote: My Favourite Brunette is a great Bob Hop spoof-comedy. Teaming up with the beautiful Dorthy Lamour, Hope brings his usual comic energy while the film spoofs detective and film noir films. There may be some confusing bumps during the film, but the great one-liners and decent twists save those moments. In support, Peter Lorre is especially creepy, perfecting his sinister portrayal. The script is also quite good as its enriched with hilarious comic moments and great dialogue. Look out for Bing Crosby in a brief appearance who get's the film's last lines! Ultimately, My Favourite Brunette is a very good detective spoof.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch