This story is about four men who work in a confectionary. Jin Hyuk is the owner; Son Woo is the superb baker that has a mysterious and mesmerizing aura; Soo Young (Choi Ji Ho) is the waiter and close bodyguard of Jin Hyuk; and last but not least Gi Beom (Yoo Ah), the ex-boxer who loves cake so much that he becomes a waiter at 'Antique'. This is a refreshing, yet heartfelt comedy about the 4 very unique personalities that work until the wee hours of the night at the small confectionary. The series follows the romance, family life, and most importantly friendship that these 4 men from different generations experience.

Jin-hyeok opens a cake shop in an old antique shop, hiring Seun-woo, Korea's best pastry chef, who fell in love with him in high school. Also there, are Soo-young, crushing on Seun-woo, ex-boxer Gi-beom, and Seun-woo's French ex-boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (mx) wrote: I love a good comedy/horror movie. This... is not it. At all. I sat through ten minutes of this, couldn't have cared less what was going on, and turned it off when it became nothing but a wonderland of blood and guts. This "film" is a complete waste of time.

Laura A (kr) wrote: Fantastic and devastating. Makes you want to do more with your life.

Mack V (nl) wrote: Michael J. Fox came Back From The Future to present himself as an average teenager who becomes the Top DOG on campus,i feel that this is a Good teen flick and i praise Fox's performance.

Tim T (au) wrote: It was really good. John Wayne does a great job as a Swedish sailor who just wants to go home after his tour ends on a tramp steamer bound for England.

Grant T (gb) wrote: A weird completion of genres that is worth seeing on a rainy day, but nothing more. Perfect Sense is something that could have been amazing, but due to the odd music composition and rather boring dialogue, this one is a take it or leave it for me