Antoine et Antoinette

Antoine et Antoinette

Working class couple Antoine and Antoinette dream of a better life. In the midst of constantly fending off the unwanted attention of men, especially the grocer Monsieur Roland, Antoinette ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig R (ca) wrote: Was bored, wanted to waste some time with a cartoon (I'm over 50 years old)..and found this to be VERY VERY fun to watch exactly BECAUSE it SPOOFS SO many OTHER, older movies & TV shows. This was a "non stop" collection of "easter eggs". (hidden humor you understand ONLY if you are familiar with what they are spoofing about.) I saw things that reminded me of "Men in Black",, Batman, Spiderman, Doctor Who, Spy Kids, South Park, The Matrix, Ghost Busters, Yellow Submarine, Grease, and TOO many things to keep track of. If you are OVER 40, and have seen enough of everything else and enjoy some clever, cheesy, "tongue in cheek" humor,, then you'll find this very entertaining. If you are under 30, you will probably miss more than 1/2 of all the clever spoofs.

Sunil J (au) wrote: It was cute, especially for the holidays.

Adam D (au) wrote: Not really a fan of the series. overly melodramatic; AKA typically Canadian :)

Tasos L (nl) wrote: A brilliant war film.Incredible acting by J.Fox and Penn.

Armando P (fr) wrote: The transformation of a taxi driver as he witnesses America falling down. Scorsese's best. Must see.

Batesow T (mx) wrote: Crazy movie, great action

Sean F (kr) wrote: Great movie with comedic moments galore.