Antony Firingee

Antony Firingee

Antony Firingee was a Portuguese-Indian who became a famous Bengali poet musician and fell in love with Shakila. She agreed to marry him after revealing her tragic history. But his fame was not enough to overcome their ostracisation and tragedy struck again.

Antony Firingee was a Portuguese-Indian who became a famous Bengali poet musician and fell in love with Shakila. She agreed to marry him after revealing her tragic history. But his fame was... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim S (de) wrote: THIS IS A REBOOT OF A REVIEW I WROTE BACK IN 2007This film stars Tim Robins (best known for "The Shawshank Redemption" and his Oscar winning performance in "Mystic River), and Derek Luke, a fine young African-American actor who's previous credits include "Antwone Fisher", "Friday Night Lights" and "Biker Boyz".Based on true events, the film takes place in 1980 apartheid South Africa and tells the story of Patrick Chamusso (played by Derek Luke), a humble black South African oil refinery foreman who has two young daughters and a beautiful wife named Precious. One day his simple life is torn apart when there is a bombing at the oil refinery and he is snatched from his home by the Gestapo-like Police Security who accuse him of being a part of the terrorist attack. He is imprisoned and viciously tortured by his interrogator Colonel Nic Vos (Tim Robins).Vos is a well versed manipulator, that even goes so far as to bring Patrick home to his family for Sunday brunch where they make nice around a tense table and then Vos takes Patrick out into the backyard and continues to integrate him.Still, Patrick proclaims his innocents and finally Vos stoops so low as to arrest and torture Patrick's lovely wife Precious. Patrick gives a false confession to save his family, but Vos, sensing that Patrick is innocent, releases him. The lingering anger that wells inside of Patrick drives him to leave his family for Mozambique, where he joins up with the ANC and becomes a rebel political operative.Australian director Philip Noyce ("Patriot Games" and "The Bone Collector"), creates an air of tension from the very first frames and his camera is intensely intimate as it explore the lives of the oppressed and the oppressors. The story moves along briskly and does it's best to avoid melodramatic pot holes as it races towards it's made for Hollywood, true-life ending.Derek Luke is fabulous as Patrick, showing a great range of emotion and strength playing a man who is beaten down only to rise up again.Tim Robins imbibes Vos with an intense, simmering evil as he slowly creeps under the skin of his interrogation victims.I was only in my early 20's when I really started to take notice of the apartheid oppression that was smothering South Africa and I remember the pressure the rest of the world placed upon its government to treat all of its citizens as equals.I also remember the end of South African apartheid, when Nelson Mandela was finally released form prison and de Clerk was forced to usher his country into the 20th century.When I watched "Catch A Fire", with it's scenes of innocent people fighting against an evil regime, I couldn't help but compare it to the real life wars in the world today. History repeats itself with only subtle changes.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (2003) Radio DRAMA Watching this movie is like, witnessing the town's very first positive acknowledgement of a person with 'down syndrome', even though they've been around for a very long time. Or in the analogy sense, when a community first realized 'racism' is an actual word, and that segregation is wrong. Based on an actual 'down syndrome' person by the name of James Robert Kennedy, nicknamed as 'Radio' because of his love for the things. He's played by Cuba Gooding JR, and even though he often minds his own business, and as a result of being bullied by some football players, the football coach, Coach Jones (Ed Harris) decides to take him under his wing, just because he is incapable to understand his disorder. Radio then gets to join the team, in the via mascot manner, who in turn managed to inspire his entire team, unbeknownst how. When I was watching this, there was something very offensive about this movie, and it is the fact that the movie clearly showcases that "Radio" is incapable to do things by himself, without adult supervision and they do this without showing the physical aspects, such as ass wiping and cleaning hygiene- it's basically the same things a parent has to do as soon as they have a baby. The reason I'm saying this, is because I've met and know many 'down syndrome' people, as well as some of the caretakers who look after them. And as of right now, to look after someone who has the same kind of disorder as 'Radio' is a full time job, where the gov't actually pays people to look after people of that nature, since they're incapable to look after themselves. In this movie, the film totally ignores the obvious aspects of it by going around it, such as Radio's only parent who is the mother, also having to work to provide both her and him, since there's nobody else willing to volunteer. There's zero sense from the mother's perspective about how hard it is to look after Radio, showcasing very stereotypically only the coach's point of view. Viewers, don't even get to see how "Radio" even inspired this football team as a whole- it's like he's the first and only 'down syndrome' person within the entire town, which has to be completely false. And because 'Radio' is African American, where are the racial heartaches that went along with it, besides him being a very, very slow learner. It is as a result of refusing to address some of these issues and more, we as viewers cannot accept "Radio" as an actual person. Whereas he's just some guy we can sympathize "only" on screen, but in real life, choose to ignore, if we see others like him. Watch the Chinese movie (2011) "Ocean Paradise" starring Jet Li instead. I am though, giving this one star for showcasing the real Radio, even though the movie doesn't show anything more I can't come up with myself. 1 out of 4 stars

Dean K (fr) wrote: A pretty good cast line up for the time, most had been in a big hit around 2000. Similar to There's Something about Mary as 2 guys who vowed to stay single end up chasing the same girl. It has quite a bit of gross out gags, maybe a bit too much on the gross side! It has it's moments but they can be few and far between.

Manoj N (jp) wrote: Amidst uncertainties of life too there's destiny,one doesn't know who directs him and for what everyone is living,love is above all considerable possibilities of human life,no one can ever ignore love,may be he or she a refugee in a temporary shelter and unhygienic condition,even in a terrified manner there's the admiration of love, thanks to the director of the film for portraying the everlasting sequence..

Haytham K (nl) wrote: This western has adventure, romance, passion, but a weak ending. The stars, Gregory Peck and Anne Baxter, have great chemistry and their acting is wonderful. Unlike a lot of female characters inserted into westerns, Baxter's Mike fits in perfectly, the tough tom-boy who can shoot and fight as well as many men.

Alfie D (it) wrote: Martin Lawrence is hillaious throughout, but the film does no good with just him doig all the comedy. Big Momma's House is simple but enjoyable, however I enjoyed the second one more.

Jason K (us) wrote: Very Disappointing For an Ice age film

Lee M (de) wrote: Deadfall Trail is at heart a suspenseful and effective horror film that makes a smart statement about society and nature, and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. Overall, a taut, compelling thriller that boasts strong performances from its leads with a well conceived score and well-done cinematography.