A serial killer sends a wave of panic across the city to attain international fame.

A serial killer sends a wave of panic across the city to attain international fame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will L (mx) wrote: It's a decent slasher that still delivers the thrills and features a pretty good performance by a child in a horror film (rare!). It never takes itself too seriously, but it doesn't descend into the utter silliness the sequels did.

Jose V (us) wrote: Please, don't see it

Kace C (gb) wrote: Persepolis [Satrapi, Paronnaud, 2007] I don't mind watching two more hours of this quirky autobiographical animation. 9/10

robert p (de) wrote: This movie, dispite what people are saying is acually really good. Not the most origional of movies but it defenatly perfects the whole obsession type thriller movie. Basically a super hillbilly finds some woman who gotten into a fatal car accident and takes her home. Now this man by the name of clive seems to have some sort of mental disability and it defenatly shows by his actions and for how long he keeps this dead lady. The movie was extreamly disturbing with a scene that will stay with me for life (spoiler) that is when clive is like scraping away his gum disease or whatever it was with a stright edge. Im sorry but that was fricken disgusting. The only downside to this movie was the mediocre acting but not every character showed this only a select few but overall alot of the acting was really good. This movie was great and i would reccomend to many people, the disturbing nature of the movie made up for the parts were nothing was really going on.

Jonathan G (de) wrote: Great acting directing with ending that is unforgettable

Carlos G (us) wrote: I want to be able to watch

Nick S (au) wrote: you did a great job on this movie im proud of u bro

Tanner M (gb) wrote: Another Leatherface want to be with hardly any logic. The reason he is a Leatherface wanna be is because he has a chainsaw, and comes from a farm. Sound familiar. Some other problems is the horrible music, acting, and camera angles. This movie also has some of the lamest kills in slasher movie history. Also this movie didn't make sense until the final twist ending. I'm not going to spoil it but you'll see what I mean (if you watch it). Some good things about this movie is how it takes place on a haunted hayride. That was pretty interesting. Also this movie (minus the bad acting) has good charecter development. I actually felt sad when a certain character died. Besides that this movie is pretty flat. Nothing special to see here.

Arseniy V (es) wrote: Ideas like: no problem can endure if you throw enough vaginas at it (i.e. because women are all saints while men are the root of all evil) or that some kid can reasonably be blamed for what his country/race did, long before he was born - such ideas aren't just simplistic - they are THEMSELVES profoundly bigoted. They are the point where the progressive left becomes the regressive left. When the fight for inclusion, becomes merely a fight between two forms of exclusion. When the fight against racism and sexism, merely becomes a fight between two opposing expressions thereof. While truly judging people, first and foremost by the content of their character - ceases to be an option. US lefties are admittedly not as bad as the righties on this YET, but you nonetheless simply cannot cure bigotry with more thereof. Life just doesn't work that way. Case in point: their ever-gleeful "straight white men are all privileged sh1tlords and it's over for them" sentiment and Trump's election. But aside from allowing his rhetoric to sometimes become clouded by his "mommy'll fix everything" fetish and the like - Moore does an admirable job here of putting together some rather fascinating and compelling case studies.