Anumati is the story of an old mans attempts to save his dying wife. For all practical reasons the doctors have given, but Ratnakar is desperate to hold on to the world his wife Madhu has woven. He is not ready to sign the DNR form that permits the doctors to remove external life support to the patient. In the face of absolute money shortage, Ratnakar tries everything - borrowing from relatives, appealing to charity trusts and coaxing insurance companies. He tries to raise money trying to sell the very house that he had built with his wife. His trauma of facing life without his life partner is unbearableHe is still hopeful that their proposed trip to America will actually become a reality when his wife recovers. Anumati is the consent that Ratnakar refuses to give to let his wife die. He finds himself in a corner, helplessly trapped between emotions and practicality, being forced against his wishes, to give up on his longlasting partnership a dilemma that only fate can solve

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Shawn S (ru) wrote: This is one of the most bizarre and fascinating films I've ever seen. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe give good performances.

Sahara K (us) wrote: It was weird. The title intrigued me and got me thinking that it might be a superhero movie, albeit a strange one, but really it's not. It's more of a investigation of the human psych and how people gravitate towards people who feel the same as they themselves do. That being said there was some sweet moments and in the end i quite liked it. I felt that there should have been a bit more towards the end though, i felt that it stopped suddenly.

Dilhara A (br) wrote: A powerful story about a controversial issue of a failing justice system and taking the law into ones own hands. Parts of it are a bit muddled however. Delivers on the mystery factor.

Chase H (br) wrote: Totally more awesome watching it a second time.

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Leon B (es) wrote: Review:I quite enjoyed this movie, although it was a bit slow in the beginning and it doesn't really pick up until Will Ferrell and Ed Harris come into the picture. It's quite a deep drama that deals with a relationship between a father and daughter. All of the characters put in good performances, but it's Will Ferrell that makes the movie. His characters is extremely funny, in a serious way, and Ed Harris also went out of his way to make his character believable. The main character, Zooey Deschanel, has a unemotional way of acting, which works in this movie and makes the movie what it is. In all the second half was an emotional journey but the first half was a bit all over the place. Watchable!Round-Up:This movie was made before Will Ferrell was known for his silly lines and phrases, which is why I was looking forward to watching the film. He isn't doing his usual shouting and cracking silly jokes throughout the movie which was why it suited the whole tone of the film. I even enjoyed the student that was living in the house with them, who also suited the weird and mysterious world that they created in the house. It's just a shame that they never concentrated on the whole family except for just the main character who was pretty dull in places. Budget: $3.5millionWorldwide Gross: $114,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there comedy/drama that deals with the lose of a family and how it effects a husband and daughter. 4/10

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