A lonely housewife, who gave up her promising singing career to marry an idealistic village-doctor, begins to regret her decision.

After Mrs. Chaudhary passes away, her husband asks his son, Nirmal, to study medicine, become a doctor, and live in a small village to help patients who are unable to travel great distances... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rene D (de) wrote: This film from down under is a tale of redemption and reconciliation. As the movie opens we see 13-year-old boy, Bullet, set a home on fire while TJ, a burly hulk of a man, is engaged in pool game that leads to a brawl. As the story continues we find TJ is Bullet's absentee father.Part road movie, part domestic drama, the movie tracks TJ's attempt to build a relationship with his son while exploring the ideas of what it means to be a man. The movie drew me in with each frame and the Q&A only heightened my appreciation for it.Director Brandon Fletcher discussed how the story was developed based on real life experiences of the actors and other community members. The majority of the actors had never acted which is amazing given the performances he was able to get from them.Another highlight of the movie was the music by the Pigram Brothers. The music was great and was used effectively to comment on the story. We got an added treat in the Q&A - The Pigram Brothers were there and performed a song, which was terrific. I want the soundtrack!!

Jacob F (it) wrote: I found this to be both a disturbing look into the lives of women facing struggles of African tradition and an uplifting tale about their resistance. Overall, Moolaade is a powerful and intelligently written film from Ousmane Sembene.

Ryan C (es) wrote: Easily cruising to victory, "Talladega Nights" offers slapstick comedy at its finest with plenty of gags, racing action and fantastic performances by the entire cast.

Kelly L (us) wrote: Yes, this is a low budget movie, but the story is very powerful. I think it's humanistic and compassionate depiction of life on the reservation is very important, and sadly, rarely shown.

Catherine S (es) wrote: Every person should see this movie to truly understand humanity and human needs.

Sam F (ca) wrote: A great political thriller, with a great performance by Harrison Ford. The last third of the movie falls into the trap of generic 80s revenge movies.

Jennifer G (jp) wrote: A TERRIBLE film, for sure, but its so bad....its often hilarious, which makes it quite entertaining for lovers of bad horror movies. And I am a lover of bad horror movies.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Another inept Italian-made JAWS ripoff benefits only slightly from its stellar cast (Henry Fonda must have been hired for only a day's work or so), as the plot drags along. Major debit: The music score does its best to ruin any possible thrills or excitement.

Jerrica B (kr) wrote: I love this movie! Two hotties, Russell Crowe & Christian Bale cowboying it out, love. Russell Crowe played an amazing asshole, fantastic gun fights, love, love, love

Heather D (kr) wrote: What a great historical fiction fiick - Henry II and Thomas Beckett. A must-see.

Joe W (mx) wrote: I am a movie fanatic to the enth degree. It is so incredibly rare that I watch a movie that is an absolute waste of my time, but this movie actually made me depressed that there was no way for me to get my 1 1/2 hours back :'(

Caroline C (nl) wrote: Would like to see it