Any Day Now

Any Day Now

In the late 1970s, when a mentally handicapped teenager is abandoned, a gay couple takes him in and becomes the family he's never had. But once the unconventional living arrangement is discovered by authorities, the men must fight the legal system to adopt the child.

Inspired by a true story and touching on legal and social issues that are more relevant now than ever, the movie is set in the late 1970s, tells the story of a gay couple who take in a mentally impaired abandoned teenager but the three have to fight a biased legal system to stay together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (fr) wrote: Amazing film with the best use of real time I've ever seen. I've seen Robert Ryan about a half a dozen times lately and I'm really starting to love the guy. For this film it definitely helped that he had been a boxer. The authenticity he brings to the role is remarkable. A truly great film and one of director Robert Wise's best.

Johan L (us) wrote: The word 'documentary' does not even come close to describing what this production is. The point of this exercise was to argue that the opinions -and the votes- in Italy are shaped by TV garbage, which abounds in Berlusconi's TVs broadcasts. That is, to put it mildly, a very stupid argument. It is also an ignorant argument, in that it ignores the complexity of the Berlusconi phenomenon, which is, by and large, a product of an enviroment NOT created by him and his broadcasts, but by the politics and the economy during a long time period, dating at least as far back as the early 1960's. If you want to understand the current predicament of Italy as a nation do yourself a favor and talk to your italian friends, read about what happened politically in the country in the 70's and 80's, and definitely skip this exercise, that drips with superciliousness and trite stereotypes.

Milla V (de) wrote: Hienoa etta tarina ei ollut se totuttu ja lapi kayty vaikka tassa paljon olikin peruskliseita joita esim Disney noudattaa piirretyissaan. Jeff Goldblum on aina ihana <3

Ze H (ag) wrote: looks like a low budget telemovie version of fast and furious...not that bad movie despite unknown actors in the movie but there's something still doesn't have the oomph compared to fast and furious...but then again, can consider to watch on a lazy sunday night movie marathon...

Dave I (ca) wrote: If only to see that asswipe Dane Cook die

Charles W (ca) wrote: Imaginative story-telling coupled with surprising production value. A tad more intense than a kid's movie from the states, but still rewarding and fulfilling, plus has a cool soundtrack done by Paul Van Dyk.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Will Ferrell is the movie and makes the movie. I couldn't really complain about his performance, there were funny quotes and he was hilarious as usual. However, the rest of the movie is pretty empty. The screenplay is normal, think Bad News Bears on the soccer pitch, and the movie is quite predictable. You can just sort of see Robert Duval and Will Ferrell going through the motions. But this is a kid's movie (they'll probably enjoy the slapstick comedy

SIS MARTHA MUHAMMAD (de) wrote: I loved the black actors in this movie i just really enjoyed watching all of the black faces on the screen also i enjoy some of the truth that was put in the movie.

wild willie n (fr) wrote: very cool performance from Freeman

Nate T (ru) wrote: To say that this film is strange would be to say the least of it. However as a free-for-all film with Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers, Roman Polanski amongst others starring in it, it works wonderfully. Don't try to make sense of it. Just enjoy the barrage of jokes and stars and you'll be fine. On Blu-ray.

Francisco G (ca) wrote: Tries to be artsy on it's violence and the audience of this type of movies, but ends up being a misogyny orgy, where in each section women are used for all sorts of perversions the guys who made this had in mind. Pathetic. Not a single Blood Sucking Freak can be found inside as well.

Eric H (it) wrote: Chaplin, Keaton, Jerry Lewis, Inspector Clouseau, Mr. Bean.... We know all of these characters, but what of Hulot? The French pantomime from the wonderful imagination of Jacques Tati. Not to say that slapstick comedy hadn't existed or flourished already under the world of Chaplin, but Tati offered a unique, intimate, and really gentle version of it. That is to say, he combines it with the principles of Italian Neorealism. It's Micro-Slapstick, as I would call it. A combination of real life, silly and sublime, is what Tati is striving to look for. No film of his better exemplifies this idea than Tati's first color picture "Mon Oncle". It's a series of long-form skits, filled with very humorous micro-actions and very foolish behavior on behalf of Hulot and the entire set of goof-ball players. The story simply tells of Hulot, down on his luck, crashing at his sister's place in order to find a job in a new city. What follows is comedy of errors. As we know, Hulot can't help himself, and his nave curiosity leads him into some embarrassing and outrageous situations. But tomfoolery is gracefully done by all of the actors and the director himself. It's a ballet of sorts. Take for instance a scene where Hulot accidentally block the flow of water to the strange fish-shaped fountain in his sister's front lawn, during a lavish dinner party. For about ten minutes or so, we see the event unfold, in a long shot, as we are guided through the step-by-step process of fixing the problem. Hulot tries to stick his foot back onto the hole, which works temporarily, but he can't just keep his foot there! After a while of strange problem solving, Hulot runs off, and leaves the patrons of the dinner party to deal with the problem themselves. What follows is another series of embarrassing problem solving, this time revolving around people who don't have a clue as to how the situation happened in the first place. Every last action is as monotonous, strange and silly as a predicament like this would play out in real life. Tati allows us to appreciate the simple fact of life, that when things go bad, they tend to go worse over time. What about the gentle side of the picture? Can it be just mishaps, or is there truly a heart to the picture? Well there certainly is, and it even begins at the very beginning. The film opens and ends with a group of puppy dogs frolicking around the French city of which the film takes place. As adorable as that is, it's a reassurance that where Tati is taking us is a happy little place. The spirit from the very beginning is just plain fun. All of the jokes and gags that the film offers us definitely exist along the lines of laughing with the performers, not at them. It's just plain fun to embark on some mischief. Take for instance, the scene where the little kids of the town gamble to see how many townspeople knock into a lamppost. It's hilarious, in that classic child prankster way, and definitely as harmless as they come. The parents all blame Hulot for influencing the trouble, but Hulot doesn't care, for he and boys are having way too much fun. It all cultivates near the end of picture, when he gather up the boys in order to dispose of a clump of rubber hoses that he accidentally made at the factory. Hulot and boys throw the big pile off of a bridge, into the water, and scare a teenage couple down below into thinking that a suicide had taken place. The boys and Hulot run off in their wagon, and sing songs all the way home. There's such an innocence to these actions, and reminds us greatly about the simplicity of childhood. Hulot is a little kid at heart, and much to the parents with whom he is living with; the careless fun eventually rubs off them. Through a series of pantomimes, gestures and other events, Tati creates a beautiful world of childhood wonder, and that is what makes the film "Mon Oncle" unlike any slapstick comedy ever since. It's the child at heart that Tati was able to capture in all of us through his titular character Hulot, and through his films, we'd all like to be like those puppy dogs, and scamper about the streets of France, looking for fun at every turn.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: As a lifelong fan of the Peanuts, this movie is everything you'd ever hope for. Secrets reveal on Pig Pin, Snoopy has a girlfriend?, Charlie Brown finds success (for once) in life and flying a kite- well, maybe. Perfectly executed and modernized while keeping the original integrity. Rating: 8 / 10