Anything for Her

Anything for Her

Lisa and Julien are married and lead a happy uneventful life with their son Oscar. But their life radically changes one morning, when the police comes to arrest Lisa on murder charges. She's sentenced to 20 years of prison. Convinced of his wife's innocence, Julien decides to act. How far will he be willing to go for her?

With no legal means left to him, a high school teacher devises a daring plan to rescue his wrongfully imprisoned wife from jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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LuisFelipe Z (fr) wrote: Piolita, por no decir discreta. No resiste mucho anlisis. Si se conforma con poco, vala. Muy, pero muy mala carta para promocionar el da del cine chileno.

Elliott B (mx) wrote: Funny reboot with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Hi ho silver away! Railroads built with wooden bridges / vuaducts. Needs to be brick like the Victorians built them in Britain.

Private U (es) wrote: Neat.. beautiful movie, Prakash Raj did good!

Mark R (nl) wrote: The sequel is truly a better movie

Kaleb R (ru) wrote: ...Why do they all have long hair??? Is it the angst of adolescence? Goblet of Fire feels like it should be better than it is. It has all the elements of success: exciting new characters, dangerous competition, romance, and devious undertones. These exciting surface level encounters seem to make up for the lack of depth in the 4th Harry Potter installment.

Tony K (es) wrote: Better than the next two, but nowhere near as good as the first one.

Marguerite E (kr) wrote: Fellini sinks even deeper in his exploration of the dark heart of men, the spiritual bankruptcy of the Church, and the eternal resurgence of hope, the last bastion of the working poor who have little else to cling to but hope.

Jake B (br) wrote: Most of it is standard sci-fi hokeyness. The characters are unintentionally hilarious when they react to seeing flying saucers for the first time, or having parents die, like it's a minor nuisance. Thankfully the fun factor reaches 11 when aliens start crashing into national monuments.

Michael T (es) wrote: Tired mistaken-identity plot tied to some great Cole Porter songs, including the wonderful tap-dance competition between Astaire & Powell to "Begin the Beguine." Officially the last of MGM's "Broadway Melody" series, although BROADWAY RHYTHM (1944) was supposed to hold that title.

Clintus M (nl) wrote: I first saw this film when it was released in 1984, was immediately captivated by it, and have re-visited it many times since then. Body Double may be my favorite DePalma film, even more so than Scarface since it blends different elements together so entertainingly. Body Double is of course a thriller, containing various Hitchcockian themes and devices for which DePalma has become famous. Its also a spoof of the porn industry, but it treats the porn business and B-movie slasher films in a refreshingly frank and candid manner. Its done with humor and without any moralizing, just another part of the business. Also, the LA locations, like the Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand and the futuristic Chemospehere house, not only lend the film authenticity, they really add to the memorable quality DePalma achieves.I enjoyed the performances of Craig Wasson, Dennis Franz, and others, but Body Double may be best remembered for Melanie Griffith's breakthrough role. She's sexy and totally hilarious. Her list of adult acting "restrictions" is one of the all-time greatest monologues. Wasson, who I liked in Ghost Story, is similar to DePalma's idol Hitchcock's hero in Vertigo Scotty (Jimmy Stewart). He is paralyzed by claustrophobia and "can't act." Wasson as Jake Scully is the perfect unpretentious "set-up witness." I can't fail to mention former Miss America Deborah Shelton as Gloria Revelle, one of the most beautiful women who ever graced the silver screen.There's a lurid fascination about this film. Its got sex, voyeurism, a power-drill murder, and the most palpable claustrophobia I've seen. You've also the Frankie-Goes-To-Hollywood "Relax" tie-in. It will harken you back to the glory days of MTV. All in all, its great tongue-in-cheek entertainment and, for my money, the most notable voyeur fantasy movie ever.