Apache Ambush

Apache Ambush

Two former enemies find themselves together on a cattle drive and fighting marauding Apaches and Mexican bandits.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:68 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:native american,  

Just after the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln asks two former enemies--a Union officer and a former Confederate--to drive a herd of cattle from Texas to Kansas, to help feed civilians... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mochammad S (mx) wrote: Deep down the movie is a comment on current gadget entwined society. Sadly the movie is mired with one of the worse directing I have ever seen. Add to the insult with laughable effects and God awful script and plot, what ever point this movie tried to make, I don't think anyone will care after the first 30 minute. At the end the movie becomes a cheap thrill in every sense of the word. So cheap, not even worth the price of admission.

Denise P (fr) wrote: Brilliantly performed, powerfully moving and rich with an amiable summertime feel, The Way, Way Back is an acutely distressing yet emotionally comforting underdog story that treats its protagonist -- and the audience -- with the warmth and compassion they truly deserve.

Marco T (ru) wrote: Il film ben confezionato, ma abbastanza inutile, se si letto il manga. Pare che gli autori abbiano usato le tavole come storyboard, tanto la trasposizione fedele. Grande lavoro sui personaggi: alcuni sono somiglianti da fare impressione. Vengono narrati tre episodi separatamente.Chi non ha letto il manga si trover di fronte a una storia del tutto inverosimile, ma dai risvolti drammaticamente intensi e umani. Per tutti previsto lo sfruttamento intensivo dei dotti lacrimali. Confido in ulteriori seguiti, cos da coprire anche i restanti episodi del manga di Motor Mase.

Sergio E (ru) wrote: 2 kids watching drug dealers (cops) killing somebody and then trying to run away from them which they do really nicely , in fact you will never see the drug dealers and the kids together on a shot, why ? who knows!. No cool tricks here just moves that any beginner could do. they could have done better! Every "side story" is totally random and does not link. From the very beginning to the end is obvious, and the movie leads you to the end painfully. Another painful aspect of the movie is the music ... they don't fit (porn movie songs???), or they are totally "ugly" (even Passi's song at the end, plain wrong). Cheap! Photography isn't too bad but the montage/editing... a real pain. The concept was really attractive, and could have been so good, if only they gave the concept to someone talented to develop it maybe Luc Besson would have done an astounding movie! Because it was such a great Idea but it was poorly done. I hope someone saves this one and do a remake! but worth seeing it!

Joseph F (it) wrote: Howard Stern and the makers of this movie will try and trick you into thinking it's a satirical masterpiece full of hot chicks with great racks. It's a trick... get an axe.

Olly H (br) wrote: depressing view on a tortured soul....this is no feel good movie at all...great acting by bello....three stars because it ruined my evening ;)...but this movie is really good...but handle with care

Ernest K (us) wrote: Silly movie. Good for a few laughs here and there.

paige k (es) wrote: this movie is so funny =)

Winter i (kr) wrote: Love the blood/gore.Love the movie.. It was awesome.Except for the part that the totem was a old bulls dick.Rather not touch it.....But if I got wishes.......=]

Jen A (fr) wrote: Why the low ratings? This movie is great. Funny and heartwarming. MJF is plucky as always.

Ryan M (it) wrote: This movie will at times test your emotions!!! Very sad movie!

David H (es) wrote: Another Masterpiece directed by Pedro Almodvar which is a grandious Neo Noir Melodrama with a great Story which handle with the Themes of Homosexuality, Transsexuality, Inzest & Amnesia and play with the Desire and Dangers of Deep Relationships all Actors are great Eusebio Poncela, Antonio Banderas who is a great Psychopath and Carmen Maura the Movie shows to which brutal Actions rejected Love can lead.

Chris S (ca) wrote: I wanted to like this more than I did. Richard Harris was superb, as was Alec Guiness, but something about the pacing of the movie left me flat. Also, the battles scenes were flaccid.

Cael M (jp) wrote: After the success of the Dollars trilogy, Clint Eastwood become a western icon and was given tons of roles in western movies. Hang 'Em High was the first western he starred in outside of the Italian western business, and although Clint Eastwood is still as cool as ever, everything besides his role in this movie is a bit dull and seems to ramble on, heading nowhere. It definitely doesn't reach the heights of the Dollars trilogy, but that's not really even a fair comparison to make so if you're planning to watch this and you're expecting something close to the quality of it, don't bother. Hang 'Em High is pretty mediocre and standard as far as westerns go, and starts off nicely but goes downhill from there, up to the anticlimactic ending that I didn't really care all too much for. It's not a cliched western, bringing up some interesting ideas about the law, but it's too drawn out and sloppily made to reach any of its potential.Hang 'Em High is about an innocent rancher and ex-lawman named Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) who is moving a small herd of cattle, but a group of nine men ride up to him and accuse him of killing the original owner of the cattle and stealing them. Jed tries to defend himself from the accusations, but the men refuse to believe him, and attempt to lynch him. Jed survives the lynching, and a marshal finds him, giving him the opportunity to serve the law and to attempt to bring the men who lynched him to justice. The plot focuses not only on Jed's revenge on the men, but also on the importance of law and order. Clint Eastwood is as cool as ever, and instead of playing a vigilante, he's a sort of anti-vigilante. He's still tough, but his role is more sensitive than his previous western roles, considering he takes the more lawful approach at ending crime. The rest of the cast is fine as well, although some of the acting is bad. A few scenes that come to mind are when people are getting beaten up, but the fights seem very awkward and fake, which was common in lots of movies around this time. The scenery is nice, and the main theme song by Dominic Frontiere is terrific. However, everything besides that is pretty dull and mediocre, and the way the story is told is too sloppy to care about what's really going on.It's definitely a different western than lots of the westerns being released at the time, focusing a lot on the law and justice, but the pacing is bad and the significance of characters is questionable. The ending is bad, with a very anticlimactic confrontation and an abrupt conclusion to the story. It really left more to be desired, and it feels like they were planning on a sequel of some sort. Although the opening scene sets up the situation nicely and got me interested, it unfortunately goes downhill from there until it ultimately becomes a boring, bland attempt at a distinctive western. I do appreciate that this isn't just any revenge story, and at least tries to be distinctive. In terms of entertainment, you probably won't find it here, and it feels unnecessarily long. There's also this unnecessary romance between Jed Cooper and a woman named Rachel (Inger Stevens) that doesn't add much value to the film, and ends up taking lots of time that should've been spent on something else. It feels like it was there only to fit some sort of requirement regarding romance that lots of Hollywood movies have. Everything about this movie sort of feels more like a TV movie than an actual movie, which is a shame. That being said, Hang 'Em High is not a bad movie, but it's no masterpiece by any means. Hang 'Em High is a bit of a disappointment, and everything besides Clint Eastwood is uninteresting and ultimately bland. It does bring some great questions and ideas up about what's right and what's wrong regarding the law, and it does have its moments of good. Just don't expect high entertainment and fun, because the sloppy storytelling gets in the way of it, although Clint Eastwood's presence makes it watchable alone. In my opinion, it's probably his worst western that I've seen so far (although I've yet to see Two Mules for Sister Sara). It falls pretty short of a solid western, and although Hang 'Em High didn't hurt Clint Eastwood's career by any means, the cons that overshadow the pros keep it from being one of his classics.

Steven M (au) wrote: very mysterious and very funny indeed one of the finest movie's from Tim Conway and the late Don knotts

Rodolfo R (es) wrote: When I'm not watching movies and writing about them for all the world to ignore, I am an assistant. And I'm damn good at my job. My heroes in the occupation the world (and a staffing agency) chose for me have always been Waylon Smithers and Radar O'Reilly. And now, I can add Technical Sergeant Emmanuel T. Evans, as played by Van Jonson in [i]Command Decision [/i](MGM 1948). If you don't know who the first two are, I mock you with the phrase, "You need to stay in more." My words burn you as if your hand is being pressed inside a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine (all rights reserved). Your hand throbs. The pains seeps into your heart. You take solace in the fact that you were beaten by the worthiest of opponents. I pity you. We make amends. We grill some chicken. Life is good. TSgt. Evans basically worked directly under Clark Gable's Brig. Gen. Casey Davis (a man I certainly wouldn't mind being under) and was the perfect assistant. Not as sycophantic as Smithers, nor as prescient(?) as Radar, Evans simply got the job done with efficiency and sarcasm and I salute him and the film wrapped around him. Said film concerns Gable's command of the US Air Force in England in WWII. He repeatedly sends his men on daytime strikes in order to destroy the factories building, for lack of a better word, SuperPlanes. Problems ensue from heavy casualties, weather and the arrival of some Washington bigwigs. The arrival of the men from Washington seemed really out of place in a taut war drama. It struck me as akin to the "The family was sprayed by skunks and now the boss is coming over for dinner" plot that actually comprised every single episode of [i]Small Wonder[/i]. Alas, the Flyer/Soldier/Sailor With the Major Family Event Who Dies reared his ugly head, but I suppose I should have seen that coming. Actually I did see it coming, but I should have seen it sooner. Like in the titles. But the dialogue was mostly good, particularly the cynicism expressed by [u]every single person in the Air Force[/u], which rang much truer than, say, Cary Grant' "The Japs are evil" speech in [i]Operation Pacific[/i]. And speaking of speeches, Walter Pidgeon (Maj. Gen Roland Goodlaw Kane) has a magnificent one about halfway through the film. A man about 20 years younger than him starts to through him attitude and Pidgeon lets him have it. Granted, the core of the speech is cliche, but the writing suddenly becomes excellent and Pidgeon's performance raises it to the upper stratosphere of the You Young Whippersnapper Speech sub-genre. There's one other scene that really stood out to me and that is Gable, alone in the War Room reflecting on the news that he sent his friend on a fatal mission. Gable looks at the map on the walllike God looking down on the world wondering what happened to his creation. If only the whole film had been this effective.

Louise R (us) wrote: Sharon Stone and Richard were OK in this movie-these two actors I recognised-Sharon looked better as a younger woman than she does now

Brian P (mx) wrote: Very powerful movie with great performances by Fox and Penn.

John O (gb) wrote: Some Crazy Ass martial arts Action likes that have never been seen Awesome Stunt Work and Visual and Special effects Acting and storyline not too much to say about that but a watchable movie

Sean B (fr) wrote: A bone-chilling watch by any stretch. The awards it won were well deserved. I was on the edge of my seat.