Apart from Hugh

Apart from Hugh

It has been a year since Collin and Hugh first embarked on building a life together. To commemorate the occasion, Hugh has planned a party, not realizing that Collin is having second thoughts about staying. Touching on the often painful nuances of love, commitment, identity and growth, this quiet drama, set in the Pacific Northwest, subtly explores the full complexity of the relationship between these two men.

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Nick S (es) wrote: Fantastic comedy to put a smile on your face, even when your days sucked.

Jarid W (mx) wrote: I haven't read the book, but this is a decent, sad, little movie.

Morris N (jp) wrote: My first film by Satyajit Ray. I was impressed. Excellent director. The story is interesting and funny, even if you know nothing about chess. If you love chess it's a must. Two men play chess all day to the exclusion of everything. When their beautiful chess pieces are stolen they find a way to continue playing. Marvelous twists and turns in the story kept me wondering what was coming next. I'll watch another film by this director anytime.

Greg W (ag) wrote: flynn cast against type playing a french criminal in this WWII actioner.

Daniel S (au) wrote: started out slow and boring, but ended up getting quite good, it wasnt afraid to pull punches, with a lot of good guys getting killed, and a lot of on screen deaths, nowhere near as good as graham greenes masterpiece the third man, but still quality

Kevin R (gb) wrote: This house is marked for death. A missing archeologist turns up dead in a tomb that he was researching. He is found with a bullet in the heart and inside a sarcophagus. Charlie Chan immediately begins investigating and is met with some aid by a family as well as pushback from a family cursed by the tomb. Can Charlie uncover the killer and his motive? "Can I go now?" "No. Get busy." Louis King, director of Massacre, The Lion and the Horse, Thunder in the Valley, Moon over Burma, and Murder in Trinidad, delivers of Charlie Chan in Egypt. The storyline for this picture is just okay but the script and characters are fascinating. The acting is also very good and the cast includes Warner Oland, Rita Hayworth, and Pat Paterson. "From life to death is the of reach a man." I randomly DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) since I had never seen a Charlie Chan picture. The story/mystery was nothing special but the characters and script were so stereotypical and playfully written. But the characters had charm and the lines were often funny. I recommend watching this picture once and may watch additional Charlie Chan films. "The circumstance is very mysterious." Grade: B-

Christophe C (it) wrote: Et hop, encore une belle purge de la part de Cage. Aucun intrt...

Adam R (us) wrote: There have been some bad movies based on Arthurian legend. Add this one to the list. It may actually be the worst. At times it was so bad that I wondered if it was meant to be a parody. An outdated and terrible movie. (First and only viewing - 9/13/2016)