Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk

Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk

A jilted woman feels threatened after renting a room to a female.

A jilted woman feels threatened after renting a room to a female. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by Paul Weitz, who with his brother Chris had done American Pie (1999) and About a Boy (2002), Paul had gone solo before with In Good Company (2004). Here, he wanted to do a satire on the TV show American Idol and the Bush Administration. It's a hotch-potch of ideas, but it does have a couple of spirited lead performances and some good laughs along with way, but that's just about it. American Dreamz is a talent show hosted by the self-loathing Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant), who would rather move on from this show that finds a celebrity instantly, and it's just been renewed for another series, much to his dismay. Meanwhile in Washington, U.S. President Joseph Staton (Dennis Quaid) has just been re-elected, but after reading about himself in the newspapers, he suffers a nervous breakdown, but his slimy Chief of Staff (Willem Dafoe) gets him back into the spotlight, by having Staton as a guest judge on American Dreamz. The contestants include steel magnolia Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore) and Afghan terrorist Omer Obeidi (Sam Golzari), who would rather sing show tunes than blow people up. It doesn't go as deep or as biting as it should, but Grant has the time of his life sending Simon Cowell up, playing it with sneering relish. He's the film's glue that just about holds it all together, and it's just a shame there wasn't more of him.

Eric L (es) wrote: Not sure why they made a sequel since they killed off the only likable character in the first one. I thought I'd give it a try when I saw it was on, but as soon as they put in the "Oh, I'm his brother he never mentioned and I'm going to see why he was killed and what he uncovered" twist into the mix, I decided to turn it. Actually, I think it wasn't even that but something far less plausible. I probably should have changed it right away when I saw Patrick Muldoon was the lead.

Tre Bluey O (es) wrote: Ben Stiller as a heroin addict. And he's STILL funny!

Shane D (ca) wrote: The second of the two Ewok films and by far the weakest...however...it does have some notable things. For better or for worse, Wilford Brimley's presence makes this a hell of a lot more heartwarming than the first. Wicket now speaks fluent English, which is just odd and even though the Ewok village is rampaged by a bunch of monstrous animals, not a single Ewok seems to die. It's not overly terrible, but it isn't Star Wars. What am I saying, it's overly terrible.

Gloria P (br) wrote: Great Martial Arts Movie

Wes S (gb) wrote: A really messy, sliced up lackluster slasher movie. The film can't seem to decide which direction to go, and much of the backstory is told in parts throughout, making it really confusing to follow. Some small fun kills, but not a lot of gore. Typical at most characters, and an average ending. Not really memorable.

Thomas W (ca) wrote: A Case of You is a film that would like to pretend that it is fresh, fun, original and relevant; but it is a rom-com about a writer with writer's block who kind-of likes this girl who is a quirky, free-spirited barista with a funny/eccentric name who is still rather chummy with her musician ex because he is "such a great guy!". The writer likes the girl so much he stalks her on Facebook to find all of her favorite things so that he can re-invent himself as her "perfect boyfriend" whom she'll want to date if she's not too busy worshipping him. EVERY bit of this story has been done before - social network stalking, a "fake" persona, a barista (and a QUIRKY one at that!), a writer with writer's block, the musician ex-boyfriend who appears threatening at first glance ... and -- oh this highly original clincher (!) -- the girl likes taking ballroom dance classes which has a "scheduled" dance competition that will -- SPOILER ALERT -- most likely take place within the film's final ten minutes of screen time (!). It sounds like a formulaic sitcom although it is actually bits of various movies from the last few years thrown together to make a "new" one. This movie stars Justin Long (Drag Me to Hell) -- who also co-wrote this thing -- as the dull yet self-centered writer and Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen) as the barista named Birdie who unfortunately and selflessly falls for this guy she honestly believes likes what she likes ... although he apparently detests it all and simply likes that she is pretty and she can talk if he so choses to speak to her. Seriously ... ugh. This is director Kat Coiro's second film of hers that I have seen -- the first being one she also wrote entitled 'And While We Were Here' which is about a selfish, overly-absorbed writer playing games with another person's heart. Rom coms can be tricky but a good one can win me over for life (Hello, Elle Woods!). This one will not, cannot, won't. There is no case here ... it is closed and Birdie needs to fly away.

Aaron G (ru) wrote: Soul-crushingly depressing. Never again.

Cherif N (us) wrote: Didn't understand any of rubbish that was going on. Very bad.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Open Season isn't that good of a movie. The trailer of this movie looked good, but the movie is not. I wouldn't really suggest this movie.