Apenas o Fim

Apenas o Fim

A girl decides to leave her boyfriend and run away to an unknown place. Before she leaves, she decides to meet up with him, but they have only one hour to reflect on their time together.

A girl decides to leave her boyfriend and run away to an unknown place. Before she leaves, she decides to meet up with him, but they have only one hour to reflect on their time together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Magnus S (gb) wrote: Watchable but flat action comedy.

Dan E (nl) wrote: I may not have as refined tastes as some of the other reviews, but I found this film to be an absolute bore and poorly executed. Through awkward and prolonged camera angles, and inaudible dialogue this film trudged through a forced and awkward story line. To be blunt, this film reminded me of some that a teenager would do for a school project. I really don't mean to be overly critical, but this film really wasn't entertaining or though provoking, and worst of all, I didn't walk away feel like the crew put a full effort into this film. I am an average cinema fan, and so I may not have "understood" the director's intentions, but I would not recommend this film to anyone.

Shajie K (ca) wrote: 04/13 - momDeepika should have had a better part, she is just awesome. Its a good movie with a couple of twists. Didnt like the plane scene much.

Antonio T (it) wrote: Entretenimiento hollywoodense clasico, fallido, con efectos visuales muy buenos, olvidable pero recomendable, pelicula perfecta pa toda la family.

Kathryn K (mx) wrote: I have enjoyed the story of Esther in the Bible; perhaps, I'll enjoy this too. I am not recognizing the actors/actresses in this one. If it is well done, is a whole 'nother story and yet to be seen. :)

Mel C (mx) wrote: Predictable but light hearted fun

Vulcan S (es) wrote: if you can live with the often lame and exposition dialogues, Cube is an intelligently made thriller with a couple of well executed scenes with great tension.

Jim H (us) wrote: After picking up a random hitchhiker who claims to be Howard Hughes, a truck driver goes on with the rest of his boring life until he finds out that Hughes left him a fortune.This film should be called Melvin because Howard appears for ten minutes and his presence is felt for about twenty. And the problem is that Melvin is a terribly boring character. He has a job problem and a love problem, but these aren't interesting conflicts, and frankly, Melvin is a douche. When he gets Howard's inheritance in the final act, it's a stroke of good fortune for a guy who could've withered away without anyone noticing.Overall, I'm surprised that Jonathan Demme is capable of Philadelphia and Silence of the Lambs but also capable of this and Rachel Getting Married.

Robert B (br) wrote: I really loved this entire send-up of the romantic-comedy. There really isn't a film like this one out there, other than this one.The film lurches forward at this kind of breakneck pace to cram in jokes and references and almost meta-humor where you feel like the characters are in on it and talking about the form, but then we dive back into their ridiculous characterization over the course of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd's push-pull romance. This is all framed quite nicely by their dinner date with Bill Hader and Ellie Kemper (both have fantastic little asides). The drawback is the kind of tiring fatigue the story gets by servicing the tropes over and over, kind of similar to Airplane! but without the really deadpan anchor that Leslie Nielsen provides in that movie. Everyone in this is like a cartoon character and so when it never really comes back down to the ground, it's like you're not watching real people and the jokes just don't hit as hard over the course of the film.Generally, though, a great cast all assembled with some really hilarious writing and plotting that makes for a fun night-in watch (this puppy's on Netflix).

Hannah D (fr) wrote: Really pretty good. Streisand is amazing.