Apna Sapna Money Money

Apna Sapna Money Money

Kishan is a young man from Goa whose brain is full of every conceivable trick to make a quick buck. He cons people by slipping into different outfits and by assuming many guises. Julie, is a sexy club dancer with quite a local reputation, but behind her raunchy exterior is a compassionate, kind-hearted woman who goes out of her way to help the needy...

Kishan is a young man from Goa whose brain is full of every conceivable trick to make a quick buck. He cons people by slipping into different outfits and by assuming many guises. Julie, is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dr F P (de) wrote: Simply terrible. Who the hell edited this? Who the hell used shitty Microsoft Word typesets? COMIC SANS!? Who the hell thought that by flashing each character's name up on the screen in a stupidly cheesy way would make me remember each dull actor any more? Horrible, horrible, horrible! Worst Werewolves i have ever seen in a movie. No verve, no spirit, no imagination, not one ounce of creativity can be seen here. What the HELL was i expecting? If you want to make softcore porn then just go ahead and do it instead of hiding under the guise of a shitty low budget horror. TOO MANY! JESUS!

Danielle C (jp) wrote: A real gud watch, Brilliant acting & a fab cast !!

Jim H (ca) wrote: A television writer's heroin addiction sinks his career goals and his marriage.Usually I give no credence to people who say that a protagonist needs to be "likable." No, s/he doesn't have to be likable; s/he has to be interesting. But after watching Permanent Midnight, I can at least see an example of why likable protagonists make storytelling a little easier. Jerry Stahl, as played by Ben Stiller, is a morose heroin addict who does anything to get his fix. Unlike other depictions of addiction, Permanent Midnight doesn't romanticize any aspect of Stahl's life, and as a result, there's nothing to like about him. I'm left wondering why people like him or want to hire him for anything. Sandra, Stahl's wife, comes off as a dull, blind idiot, as portrayed by the film. Because we in the audience can see no redeemable quality in Stahl and because the film's characters don't point out anything unique about him, it's easy to give up on his plight.Stiller does play a convincing dramatic part, but he fails to lend his natural good humor to this character.Overall, there's nothing new about heroin addiction or Hollywood in this film, but it did teach me a little something about whether or not I should dismiss most of what is said in a creative writing workshop.

Henrick P (ca) wrote: After a letter by the beat hero Neal Cassady.. Good and if u like the beat generation its an movie for u....

explodingboy1989 (ca) wrote: This is one of Don Wilson's better efforts. A decent plot, passable special effects for a z-grade DTV flick, and some polished action direction.

Randall K (us) wrote: Just teenagers in rebellion against authority. Long, pointless, and boring. Not funny. No redeeming qualities that I can see except for the good soundtrack, which you can listen to without having to see the movie.

James B (gb) wrote: It really makes you realize how blessed you are.

Chris I (kr) wrote: just couldn't re-capture the magic. And it shows. Lots.

Muffin M (mx) wrote: I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:* The Love Bug (1969)* Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo (1977)* Herbie Goes Bananas (1980)* Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)

Ed Fucking H (ag) wrote: Herschell Gordon Lewis really was an innovator and is the true Godfather of Gore and this film is just a damn good time. The blood, gore and violence is gratuitous (albeit not realistic at all so if your one of those types that needs gore to look as realistic as possible you'll probably be dissappointed.) Montag is probably among the coolest horror villainss ever and his between trick banter is classical (probably even more so than this movie itself.) The soundtrack is awesome, the acting is appropriate for what this movie is,and the ending didn't disappoint. Must see for fans of trashy, low budget horror awesomeness. If your false don't entry.

Leah W (gb) wrote: Good director...not crazy about this movie. I think I liked Dick Van Dyke better in Mary Poppins.

Scott R (ca) wrote: A run of the mill Flynn flick.

Brandon S (de) wrote: The greatest American character study ever shown on the silver screen. "Taxi Driver" cemented Scorsese in my mind as not only one of the best American filmmakers in the history of cinema, but also my personal favorite artist currently living.Robert De Niro brings to life a deep and fascinating character crafted in a breathtaking script by the great Paul Schrader.Travis Bickle is the most fascinating character I've seen in American filmmaking, because he deceived me like no one else had. He has a deep yearning and loneliness that I believe all viewers will understand, but it's the way he betrays the viewer's trust that sets him apart from the psyche of the average moviegoer. He has the chance to do something meaningful that he wasn't given the chance to truly do in Vietnam yet he chooses the path of violence and death.Martin Scorsese's direction is light and jazzy, similar to his masterpiece "Mean Streets", and different from the rigidity in structure found in films like "GoodFellas" and "The Departed". It's a film with dark and probing themes dealing with a man's search for intimacy and purpose, but is crafted with an airy sensitivity that is matched by the authenticity of De Niro's earth-shattering performance.Also, the musical contribution by the great Bernard Hermann can't at all be understated. His scoring in this film IS New York City. The difference is that this music doesn't carry the optimism we hear in other New York films. Hermann's music is the seedy, dicey, ugly underbelly of New York that Scorsese wants you to see.I could gush about this masterwork of cinematic ingenuity and invention all day, but sadly I must find a way to sum things up. In a word, "Taxi Driver" is magic. It's trickery and illusion; it meshes the real with the unreal; the spiritual with the physical. It touches on so many things from true love versus faux intimacy to justice versus violence. This is my favorite of all time, and, in my opinion, a perfectly directed film. If you haven't, stop what you're doing and watch this movie.

Fong K (nl) wrote: viewed on 7/9/04 (Tues)Watching this movie is very unnerving for me. I am afraid of deep water, the sea, the sharks, the sense of abandonment and death. I can see why this movie will work on many people. Now I think this is aided alot by the fact that a digital camera is used to give the 'home-video' feeling. True,initially the quality slightly puts me off. But, because of that particular 'home-video' feeling, I find myself believing in whatever I see. JAWS scared me because it is big and fierce but in this movie, the sight of a small shark fin can make my knees go weak already.There is a particular scene the camera moves slightly beneath the sea surface and we see many sharks swimming around. The chill just runs down my spine. It is not a jump scene or a gruesome sight, just sharks swimming! There are other things which make this seemingly innocent 'home-video' a truly scary movie. Besides the you-are-there feeling, I really admire how efforlessly the director builds up the suspense and the realistic drama around two people floating in the sea for more than one hour into the movie. The suspense doesn't build up to a climax that will shock and shake you and then the end credits roll. The spine-chilling feeling comes and goes like the tide and when the death of the couple finally comes, it is quitely shocking and sad. Now, many will compare this to BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and I think this is a much superior film. How can someone dutifully films everything even on the run from a mysterious forest demon? I buy OPEN WATER easily. After watching the movie, I was still bugged by the dismal quality of a home-video. But now when I think of it, the chill still lingers. I have no choice but to admit this is THE truly spine-chilling movie of all times. And it is not even a horror movie. Rating: A-Expected Rating: B+

Gina W (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this short take on Janis Joplin. She was a complex person, needed to be loved and admired, but lost her battle with heroin.