Apne Dushman

Apne Dushman

Brijesh is an airline pilot. While on duty one day, he comes across some men who are smugglers, and after a short tussle with them, he hands them over to the police. A lipstick containing a...

Brijesh is an airline pilot. While on duty one day, he comes across some men who are smugglers, and after a short tussle with them, he hands them over to the police. A lipstick containing a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassie R (es) wrote: loved it. the animation was beautiful and the story was fun. its about how a boy becomes a knight.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Dangerous Minds gains its greatest fame for its popular theme song Gangsta's Paradise which is utterly the reason I ended up watching it, but I liked Michelle Pfeiffer too so it was a win- win situation for me.Dangerous Minds ended up being a story that seemed too good to be true. I mean, it's story is so optimistic that it oversimplifies its complex issue of educating street students for the former part of the film, and then it suddenly descends into pessimistic hardcore drama in the blink of an eye, followed by a light resolution. The atmosphere is frankly split into 3 sections, and it doesn't transition into them well but rather makes a sudden change at the speed of a revolving door.Really, for a film about street students it lacks the serious grit needed to tell its dramatics well, and so frankly it's more of a glamourised version of the story that really needed to be told, or sometimes not even believable enough to have been based on a true story. Plus, the script has bumps in it which don't work or tell its story as well as it should. Even though it may be consistently good, when it has bumps that it fails to explain, they stand out like a dwarf among midgets.Frankly, LouAnne Johnson is not really a strong character and is better to have been written about than acted out on film, because she's not really a figure with interesting dynamics good enough to constitute a film.But it's all tied together thanks to a great lead by Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Pfeiffer has to go with the general feel of the story even though much of the time it isn't the appropriate atmosphere in Dangerous Minds, but she gets her character's emotions articulated just right so that then feel of each scene is convincing because it's her that convinces us. Her performance makes her too easy to sympathise with as a character, and she single handedly overshadows the inconsistencies and jumping atmosphere, rendering Dangerous Minds a good film.She's not the only cast member, because the entire cast make Dangerous Minds a largely group effort, with particular praise going to Renoly Santiago for his charismatic work as Raul Sanchero and ability to work with the script naturally, making his performance shine with natural talent.But what makes it a memorable film is its famous musical piece "Gangsta's Paradise" which is not only a catchy and awesome rap song, it has great depth and meaning about the civilisation gap between the "social class" and the "street punks". It's cleverly written and has great language to it, and is groovy with the strong vocal talents of Coolio as the man helming it. Lastly, although the story isn't told the best, the actual idea behind it is inspiring because LouAnne Johnson really did work hard for her "posse" to educate them. And although the visual representation of her story isn't the finest and the chosen dynamics aren't ideal,Frankly, Dangerous Minds is a half assed effort which constantly lacks the appropriate atmosphere or any subtlety whatsoever, but is well acted and features a great soundtrack.

Greg W (ag) wrote: funny comedy featuring the late gr8 phil hartman

Steve H (es) wrote: I spent 25p on this dvd second hand.....i was robbed!

Graham N (it) wrote: What did I just witness! The fact that they got Leonardo DiCaprio in this mutant offspring of a movie is totally incredible! This 90's crap fest of a film does not deserve a generous rating of 0%. Perhaps a -1% would be a reasonable score. WB pictures should have known to discontinue the series after Critters 1.

Wolf Maiden (br) wrote: One of my all time favorites. It has always made me smile and opened up new worlds for me and my imagination.

Terence (mx) wrote: even though it has some of the worst acting since Bloodfeast its hard not to like this one. Satan(who looks like an evil Billy Corgan) who once posed as a Nazi returns to wreck havoc. It has some interesting sub plots and themes going on and basically comes to the conclusion for the viewer that Jesus wasnt the true son of god but in fact it was Satan. The climax on the operating table is one of the best endings ever. i really wish Argento would have gotten ahold of this script because it would suit him perfectly and he would have made it a classic. my favorite qoute in the movie has to be when Claire goes to see teh black witch doctor and he says "im called a [email protected]%ger in your high class society and you have sought help from all your experts yet you have to come to a [email protected]%ger for help" so wrong but so classic.

Matthew P (de) wrote: An entertaining conspiracy/revenge-thriller

Mika K (gb) wrote: I like this film.There is a plaintive mood.

Jean S (br) wrote: A good script, good acting, good director, good camera men. Loved it!

Zach M (kr) wrote: This was an awful and often uninteresting movie.Why someone felt this movie was necessary is beyond me.Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren didn't seem necessary at all. This could have easily had been made without the use of the characters from the original movie.Found nothing redeeming or memorable about this movie.

ritu b (it) wrote: the start of the movie really dragged in my opinion, but as the story progressed, you really started to connect and feel for each of the characters. very rewarding movie.