Apne Paraye

Apne Paraye

Film about the trials facing a family whose patriarch has squandered money into a series of unwise ventures.

Sidheshwari is the wife of an advocate in Calcutta and lives in a joint family along with her three children; her husband's lazy and wastrel cousin, Chander; his wife, Sheila, and their two... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar H (fr) wrote: Rysk roadmovie-komedi-scifi som brjar riktigt roligt och udda, men som sedan blir trttsamt obegriplig (fr mig).

Ross K (kr) wrote: Too many characters for each to fully develop and the plot is a bit messy, but Kevin Hart is hilarious as usual and the other actors make you laugh as well.

Jenna W (ca) wrote: It's like a less cheesy Lake Placid. It also reminded me a little of Anaconda. It was a decent movie....we went in not knowing it was about a Crocodile.

Ana B (it) wrote: El seor Tom Wilkinson hizo una interpretacin memorable.Estoy buscando el DVD porque entre l y Jessica Lange me vuelven loca..para abrir la mente.

Grayson W (fr) wrote: Intriguing relationship sexual tensions and an expose of the underbelly of high society. A really good Christmas film that constantly feels like the season with cold weather and Christmas lights in nearly every shot. I love the Christmas time in New York atmosphere from the New York streets and shops, to cafes, to cramped humble apartments to the lavish lifestyles (although not actually filmed in NYC). The film is also better when you are aware of the ritualistic history of American society and know that there are secret parties among the most powerful.

Vj I (es) wrote: loved everything with Fang, except for the fact he never killed the guy at the house but only made him fall on his own trap. I know it is a kid movie and Disney, but ya. The girl was such a horrible actress. And it was annoying when she saw henry and fang in the water, she just stood there motionless and expressionless for a long time, without doing so much as lifting an eyebrow. the rest of the movie though was cool and fun and Fang was awesome of course.

GrooveMasta Dre (br) wrote: The movie may not be the greatest but the 4 stars goes out into the soundtrack of the film.

Joey T (gb) wrote: A bit of repetition and few pacing issues aside, Dog Day Afternoon is an outstanding film, fueled by Pacino's incredible performance, some great editing, and a script that is both exciting and thematically rich, exploring the rising role of media and television in society and the nature of humanity. It is every bit as interesting as it is exciting, and it's absolutely worth your time.

Murray S (fr) wrote: My favourite Godard film so far; mostly because of its difficulty, colour, politics/opinions, and, well... nuanced Brechtian self-reflexivity.

Tim R (jp) wrote: Even after 60 years and CGI, this small budget B&W film has lost none of its power to chill the bones.

Alex K (kr) wrote: 1933's King Kong Is My Ninth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Joey F (gb) wrote: This is one of the most masterfully made thrillers I've ever seen. I'm amazed this movie works as well today as it does, despite the final twist being very obvious by today's standards (I predicted it at least). What I didn't predict, was where the movie was going toward the end of the first 3rd. Hitchcock manages a complete and utter bait and switch of a story that I thought was just magnificent. It's a classic, and everyone should watch this. Also, Bernard Herrmann is the real MVP of this movie.

Steve S (br) wrote: Seven Psychopaths, one and a half stars. For an "underrated" film, this is massively overrated. Walken is good, sure, but when the plot becomes the realization of Sam Rockwell's character's dream for a screenplay--and he tells you what is going to happen minutes before it actually happens--it becomes total bullshit. I don't need all the canned melodrama either. I had high hopes, but walk away supremely disappointed.