Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

During the Vietnam War, Captain Willard is sent on a dangerous mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade colonel who has set himself up as a god among a local tribe.

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Apocalypse Now: The Workprint torrent reviews

Ashley (it) wrote: This movie was great. Our classic Christmas tail with a slight twist! It is a must see holiday movie!

Hugo G (mx) wrote: This was a really good, that is a lot of fun with some scary moments and some hilarious as well. It was a perfect mixture that although the antagonist wasn't the best, it was a very unexpected great time. ~August 20, 2016~

Claudette A (fr) wrote: Jessica Lang has such a strange looking face. Berry is great in this film.

James T (ru) wrote: a really stupid movie that was lacking

Garrett Y (de) wrote: You play roulette? Always bet on black!

Kathryn H (au) wrote: This was on TV one night and I caught it start to finish. It was HILARIOUS! There are several big-name actors with budding careers in this flick. I was quite entertained. The story wasn't terrible either. It flowed nicely and was paced really well. I highly recommend watching this at least once in your lifetime.


Adam R (es) wrote: A good follow-up to Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman back in his role as Alex Cross. The twist caught me completely off guard. (First and only viewing - 5/14/2016)

Hilary C (kr) wrote: When they (rightly) made divorce easier I suppose it not only helped abused women but also men who wanted to abandon their families and go off with a woman half his age. When they (rightly) introduced social welfare it not only helped the needy but those who didn't want to work. No doubt if assisted suicide is legalised (again rightly in my view) it will help those who are suffering but also make some vulnerable people feel obliged to die so as not to be a burden.I am in my 80s and have been a life long feminist. I remember campaigning for legal and safe abortion when I'd seen the plight of desperately poor women, women who'd been raped, young naive girls in an age when life as a single mother was near impossible. Abortion was, however, always the last resort of the desperate. Little did I know that it would come to this. Jenny Slate's character leads an essentially egocentric life, makes money standing on stage pleading for the attention and approval of strangers, gets drunk, screws someone she's never met without using birth control, gets pregnant and falls back on society to help her abort her unfortunate off-spring and is presented as a heroine. Not only that but the entire film is a justification for the 'everyone does it, get over it, it's just a bunch of cells' attitude. In an interview Slate said she didn't want to trivialise abortion. How disingenuous. At the end of the film, we see these two spoilt adolescents in adult bodies, having just aborted their embryo sitting making tasteless jokes about it and getting over the experience by watching a movie. It was quite awful. I suppose free access to abortion not only helps the desperate but it helps the likes of Jenny Slate's character who see it as nothing more than a part an utterly self seeking and responsibility free sex life. I guess that's just the way it is and the price that has to be paid. Yet as the credits came up I sat with tears rolling down my face thinking this is not what I fought for. A feminism that glorifies the selfish and the destructive and trivialises abortion was not my dream. Jenny Slate you made an old lady weep with disappointment.

Johnny W (fr) wrote: A classic for kids and families!!!

Dillinger P (de) wrote: Back before Michael Myers had became such a painful parody of himself, he was creating wonderful characters like Wayne Campbell for SNL, who soon became a household name in the early 90's after the release of Wayne's World, an utterly outrageous and hilarious comedy that still stands up to this day. Wayne's World follows the life of Wayne and Garth, 2 local celebrities who host their own show, "Wayne's World" from a basement. The show is stupid and extremely one note, however it is such a hit with the youth that a big shot producer called Benjamin decides to buy the show off the comedy duo and exploit them for all the money he can. Its really simple stuff here, however what the film does do right is stick close to the source materials roots, it never tries to be something its not, it constantly feels like a collage of skits put together for a special edition of SNL and it works for the most part. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are astounding as the comedy duo, with Dana stealing the lime light copious amounts of time with his out of this world character Garth and his perfect comic timing. It is essentially Garth who makes this entire outing so memorable and unique. He is the perfect representation of social anxiety in youth, one we can all relate too and laugh with the positions he gets himself into. Myers is more serious, if thats possible, but the duo work so well together because of this. It's not just a one trick pony, Myers and Carvey continually offer up some of the most memorable and quotable comedy in decades. The film itself is a frighteningly accurate representation of the MTV generation, loud music videos, bright colours, stupidity and fun and Wayne's World really sells all of those ideas. It is not the most intelligent or ground braking piece of material but it unashamidly comes out all guns blazing and acts stupid, getting away with it 99% of the time. A must for any comedy collection, simple and effective.

Vince N (us) wrote: From a war-hero to a con to a caregiver to a good samaritan, talk about a dynamic role! Lil Casey Poe kills it in the final scene, great bit of acting from a child....