Apoorvam Chilar

Apoorvam Chilar

Pathrose (Innocent) is a rich contractor who is a cunning manipulator. He's able to control the government machinery with bribes and favours with the help of his trusted servant Subramony (Jagadish). The only person who he is not able to turn however is Sankara Varyar (Jagathy) who is also his next door neighbour. Marykutty (KPAC Lalitha) is Pathrose's husband and is a crude lady who is jealous of everyone. However their daughter Annie (Parvathy) is a simple girl who's very cordial with Varyar's family which includes Varyar's wife Sarojam (Kaviyoor Ponnamma) and son Dr. Suresh (Sai Kumar). Annie is in love with Suresh's friend Benny (Ganesh), but her parents wants her to marry someone else. Suresh promises to help Annie. Meanwhile on one side, Varyar's honesty is growing to be a bigger headache as each day passes for Pathrose.

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Cathie B (fr) wrote: Kudos to Cathryn Michon and W. Bruce Cameron - the brilliant writers/producers who took one, average, L.A. divorcee's tale of low self-esteem - and made it wildly funny, a story any human being can relate to - and plain, screamingly hysterically FUNNY!Insecurities abound as "Suzanne" gets her lips plumped, her boobs pumped, and her psyche nearly destroyed - all while trying to gain tenure as a women's studies professor (who learns LOTS about the study of the female image along the way).Diedrich Bader deserves an Oscar nod for his nuanced spin as a soon-to-be-divorced husband - who deserves to be so. And Dot-Marie Jones ("Glee") steals nearly every single scene she is in. She deserves a "spin-off" from her spin as Muffin Top's (Suzanne's) partner-in-strong-self-image crime. :)

Andrew L (es) wrote: It's a shame that I waited so long before I finally watch this movie. If not for The Raid that broke my skepticism.Well it's a great movie. It can satisfy both my thirst for artificial blood and my sentimental side. Compared with The Raid (you know it's inevitable), the action is less mindblowing but it has a real story. I don't know if it's because I've seen Yayan "Mad Dog" in The Raid, but Yayan's lift scene is bloody epic (I got teary eyed dammit).My biggest complaints: too much cliche especially from climax to ending, and Sisca Jessica didn't perform very well.

Starr (us) wrote: I think the worst thing was the sound editing, it was bad but the story could have been decent.

Kieran B (ca) wrote: Definitely a good doc of the band, but Control is a lot easier to watch for anybody but die-hard fans of Joy Division.

Gregory B (jp) wrote: All the stupidity of the first Starship Troopers, with none of the fun.

Kim B (us) wrote: Movie moves slow and at time can be tedious and plain reflecting the beautiful but simple life of the island and its people. Yet like the people of the island the film starts to grow on you between the slight humor and beauty. The movie revolves around the main character- a genuine but ingenue man named mario. Though he is poorly educated and unworldly he seems to understand that there is more out there thAn his island partly due to his new poet friend. mario starts to get an understanding on life in movie with his newfound political beliefs and in his friendship that helps him win his wife. He wants the same thing most humans want to be treated fairly by his govt, have a job, have a beautiful wife, and stop being taken advantage of. For gods sake the ppl on the island couldnt even have running water. The film has a sad ending and apparently the leading actor also died in real life shortly after filming. While it touched on a lot and i enjoyed the characters esp the poet and mario, it left me wanting more and at times thinking the film was trying too hard esp with all that poetry.

Michael A (ca) wrote: Chuck Norris plays what else a Texas Ranger on the hunt for a vicious weapons dealer played by David Carradine. If you are a fan of Chucks you will enjoy this campy action pack flick..if you aren not a fan you will be bored out of your mind and your eyes will hurt from all the eye rolling you will do.

James R (ru) wrote: A decent film about the 1900s, good fake history. Evelyn Nesbit; super 1900s hunnie. I think this movie is worth seeing once, it helps place 1900s American culture, (sic pop culture,) and is pretty well done. It is a bit dry as other major productions, and seems a bit cluttered with a gigantic cast, (apparently Jack Nicholson is an extra, as is Samuel L. Jackson cast as Gang Member No. 2.) Randy Newman did this soundtrack!?!? Wow, I will have to reconsider him as an artist, (I can't stand Toy Story shit.) James Cagney, while in a minor role, really dominates the latter part of the movie as a hilariously cliche yet square-dealing 1900s police commissioner.

John K (ca) wrote: Cast is just going through the motions in this movie. I liked the opening sequence leading up to Clouseau whacking an intruder whom he mistakes for Cato. Scenes with Cato still provide some laughs. But most of the humor is retread, for example, Clouseau mispronouncing words.

Isadore H (ag) wrote: A solid slow-burn found footage entry with good acting. The desolate atmosphere of deep space was executed very well. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a boring movie at times, but tension filled the space around me and plenty of frightening imagery towards the end made this satisfying, if only barely

John M (gb) wrote: Gerard Butler in a Guy Ritchie movie. A dream.

Brent C (es) wrote: Not a bad little horror film. However, It lacks any real scares.

Paul C (br) wrote: Unusual western set in the stunningly snowbound Wyoming. Has more the feel of a made-for-tv movie than a studio effort - but it's still a brooding tale with a fairly bleak third act where both main protagonists (Ives and Ryan) find redemption.