Six strangers awake in a strange sealed off room while a mysterious observer tells them that only one of them will survive.

Very nice aquarium scenes in 2D and 3D. A total of 9 different videos accompanied with music. A video in 3D in Side by Side format for modern 3D TV (polarization or shutter technology) and a video in anaglyph format for red / cyan glasses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aquarium torrent reviews

William O (au) wrote: Funny & gross as fuck

Matthew M (mx) wrote: Not for everyone. You have to have a very open mind to accept this film's premise that our thoughts are effecting the universe on a quantum level. Second you have stretch further that it can eventually be conscientiously controlled. The DVD format is very long, but covers nearly every subject and you can set it for "random" and then attempt to either control it's jumping, or let it link the jumps thematically. Since there is like 6 hours of stuff that could be seen I don't have the time to see it all. It is like The Secret, "think about what you want and you will get it" theory, which is OK, but the bigger question should be "Why do I want what I want" Production wise it is very slick and well tuned.

Derek R (kr) wrote: I feel like I've read this script before...and no, I haven't read 'this' script before.

Gimly M (kr) wrote: Woefully underrated drama too often passed off as a "boy's night" action film.

Gradhito O (br) wrote: dane cook could've done better

Tom B (ru) wrote: A war story by a guy who was in the war.

Nicholas B (de) wrote: Please not another cage movie, boring. And plz never but him as the main character in a main role, and in an action-drama movie, he can't