Aquí huele a muerto... (¡pues yo no he sido!)

Aquí huele a muerto... (¡pues yo no he sido!)


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Aquí huele a muerto... (¡pues yo no he sido!) torrent reviews

Leong C (nl) wrote: Suspense and eerie with a greenie message...

Sukhsukhman3 S (de) wrote: I just love this film......

Jack M (es) wrote: While it could have used a little more of Franois, "Youth in Revolt" is still an odd, charming and funny movie which is impossible to resist.

Filippo V (kr) wrote: Con un uso intelligente di dialoghi e macchina da presa, Shyamalan ci regala uno dei migliori film della sua filmografia, ricco di tensione e scene veramente inquietanti. Durante la prima parte del film si costruisce una trama estremamente interessante e coinvolgente, che fin da subito riesce a trascinare lo spettatore dentro lo schermo. Queste premesse per me sono durate fino a poco prima della fine, quando le cose vengono risolte in maniera troppo frettolosa, con scelte piuttosto convenienti ai fini di una narrazione pi semplice da gestire. Nonostante questo, resta un buon film di fantascienza che mi conferma il talento di un regista molto altalenante.

Marion R (nl) wrote: This is what happens when i get bored and start watching TV, I start watching movies like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. It actually wasn't as bad as it could be nor that unbelievable. I was bored the Saturday before Christmas and it was on....

Dick M (nl) wrote: Thanks to Jessica Korneder for recommending this, though I found myself searching for The Devil Wears a Blue Dress (I'll assume it was my error and not JK's). So then I searched for Denzel Washington Wears Prada, and that didn't work either. In any case, it really hit the spot for me, as Jessica correctly predicted. I was a little depressed and drag-ass this morning and had decided to blow off my workout and just go to Behaviorlandia and pout. But instead, I went to Behaviorlandia, NetFlix streamed the Devil on my 61" screen with my quintuple surround sound and got so happy that I grabbed my rubber exercise tubes and worked out through the whole movie. (Well there was a confounding, as my recovery from drag-ass depression might have in part be attributable to the 200 MG NoDoz I'd taken; however, in accord with our BATS Practitioner Model, we're happy with treatment packages.) But enough about me (or almost enough, actually there can never be enough) Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle blew me away, as did the soundtrack. Of course, most of you are not as cool as I am and, therefore, are probably not cool enough to appreciate the great jazz/blues/1945-ish soundtrack; but I know Travis Thompson and John Pokerwinski certainly are and would certainly enjoy the music. And it would be a great cultural opportunity for the rest of you who might have such lofty aspirations. With love, Uncle Dickie

rajiv 2 (fr) wrote: it is crazy melodrama, it is vulgar, it is over the top, it is sexy, it is a bit funny, it is strange.,i feel like i wanna turn this off, but i simply can not do that..

Tessa A (gb) wrote: one of the first anime movies I saw as a kid and still love it.

Sue P (ru) wrote: good film, sure they missed loads out though lol

Matty S (jp) wrote: Dated, but pure cinematic art at it's most experimental -- and, oddly, its most conventional.

Al H (de) wrote: It's not the great action movie but you can have a good time with this film.

Kiah B (kr) wrote: I quite enjoyed this movie, some believe it to be too long and confusing but that's probably because they aren't focusing enough

Bruno V (us) wrote: It involves a serial-killer so Always a half star extra ....Liked Bruce and the fact the Killer is now after his ex-girlfriends ! Good One ! SOMBLUR

Tyler R (it) wrote: I actually really enjoyed the movie. The plot was unique and had good characters and the pace moved quickly. Lots of action and a cool setting.

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Aquí huele a muerto... (¡pues yo no he sido!) torrent

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