Arabella, mereröövli tütar

Arabella, mereröövli tütar

Arabella is a daughter of the world's most terrifying pirate captain. She loves her father but also dreams about a life of a usual girl. One day a weird stranger is saved from the sea who ...

Arabella is a daughter of the world's most terrifying pirate captain. She loves her father but also dreams about a life of a usual girl. One day a weird stranger is saved from the sea who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (de) wrote: A so-called thriller about real life social site connection. Maybe I'm old because I feel like I lived the same a few times already with myspace, and even with school friends. This one was more elaborate but this being in the USA, of course they are more into elaborate lies. In this case, making it less creapy, we have a middle aged married woman with three children, passing for several beautiful young woman to use a nice young man to look better to her husband. It's like so many people I connected to in myspace, but were unmasked before I would do any travel. Facebook is more elaborate and not as easy to use this way. The film is still watchable especially if you are still naive.

Timothy S (ag) wrote: The simply titled Australian import "Noise" is a most unusual film, a multi-layered exploration of fear, isolation and grief that won many accolades in its country of origin. It's a quiet, moody film that is in complete contrast to its title, with many different plot lines that sometimes converge but many times do not. There are several terrific moments here, but the central problem of the film is that those moments never really congeal together to make for a cohesive movie. This is more of a collection of dramatic scenes rather than a meaningful drama, although clearly many people disagree with that. The opening scene is jarring but the rest of the film is maddeningly subdued and introspective. Director Matthew Saville has a lot he wants to say, but the film left me empty and unsatisfied and by the end I was just left wondering what the point was. Several plot threads are never quite resolved and the film's tone is completely ambiguous. There are some good performances, especially from Brendan Cowell in the lead. He's asked to carry the movie for the most part, and he does an admirable job. Also good is newcomer Maia Thomas who is just terrific in a sympathetic role. Both their characters made an impact on me, but unfortunately, the film on the whole did not. In fact, much of "Noise" left me cold, an ambitious picture that has a lot going on even though not much seems to happen. Subtlety has its place, but in this case, I wish the film had said what it wanted to say more clearly.

Hyerin B (br) wrote: I just have one thing to say; Sweaty Svend. God, the acting is great and dark comedy! It was awesome.

Alex W (mx) wrote: The great usage of lighting to label the flashbacks throughout make for brilliant camera work in contrast to the grittiness of this modern classic.

Cassandra M (nl) wrote: Taking up where the first part left off, this is effectively more of the same ? which is no bad thing. Li and Rosamund Kwan return, but Yuen Biao elects not to reprise his role of Foon. His replacement Max Mok does a great job in the role.Most of the wire work action is left for the climax, giving Li a chance to demonstrate just how good he is at stylish (and FAST) kung fu earlier in the movie, when he takes on a mob intent on lynching his beloved 13th aunt armed only with a fan, and faces off against Donnie Yen in a great pole fight.As for the plot, this time us dopey westerners are the ones in danger, rather than being the outright villains. After a raid on an embassy, Wong Fei Hung decides enough is enough and takes on the White Lotus cult, who are intent on rubbing out all western influences from China. Cue high-flying kicks, punches and leaps, and a crazy fight atop a construction of tables.The climax, a memorable fight with Donnie Yen, is an absolute classic, with both giving their all. The speed and technique shown during the double-pole fight is staggering, and Yen's moves with his cloth staff are gob-smacking. It's a real treat to see kung-fu cinema of this quality.

Jibran K (au) wrote: A truly forgettable film. Wim, you've done way better than this....

Lee M (de) wrote: Of all the versions, imitations, and sequels, the first 1978 French picture is the best and funniest, a fresh look at machoism and drag queens; the gay couple is superb.

Josh D (au) wrote: Apparently it's Friday Crap Movie night.

Hugo P (kr) wrote: not as good as the first

Dylan G (ru) wrote: Smart, interesting, and loads of fun! This is one of the best movies the 1990's can offer! A+

Riley O (ca) wrote: You can't help but smile when Owen goes around literally shooting them up for an hour and and a half. It's great fun.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: "Shrek the Musical" is awesome and this new DVD release brings Broadway to your living room. While nothing can ever match the original computer animated film, this stage version comes close. It's the same enchanting story (or parody of Disney, depending on how you look at it) with new songs and gags that will keep you rolling on the floor. The movie gives the impression that it would be impossible to translate it to the stage, but that just makes the special effects all the more fantastic. With the original Broadway cast at the helm, the acting and singing is a real treat to watch. Brian d'Arcy James was born to play the role of Shrek and is easily the most lovable ogre you have ever seen. The best part of this film is Sutton Foster as Fiona. I never really developed an attachment to this character in the movie but she is just so cute that you have to love her. Daniel Breaker is great as Donkey but nothing can compare to Eddie Murphy. The costumes are amazing as Christopher Sieber is shrunk down to Farquad size, and I love the way that they did the Gingerbread Man and the magic mirror. If you haven't seen Shrek on stage, you need to see this film even if only to gain an appreciation for such a complex fairy tale can be brought to the live stage.