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Matthew M (br) wrote: Yet another brilliant Iranian movie.

Caleb H (us) wrote: An incredible film. This is more than just an action film. When I first saw this I was puzzled by the ending and slightly frustrated by it, but I actually started to think about it and it makes sense now. It's a character study and possibly even a parable for the incomprehensible evil that unfortunately inhabits our world today. The acting is incredible and it's ridiculously intense. It's incredible how deep and well thought-out this movie is. Film making at its finest.

Melissa M (us) wrote: I kept watching , waiting for it to get better. It never did. Feels like a made for tv movie and it definitely feels like it's trying too hard.

Sarah B (ag) wrote: Good Film. Only wanted to see it because of Joe Flanigan, but the whole movie was good. Like to see a sequal as the ending was left open to another being able to be made. This is a must see for all Joe Flanigan fans.

Martin D (ru) wrote: Widowed police officer Frank Conner (Andy Garcia) has a cancer-stricken nine-year-old son, Matthew (Joseph Cross), whose only hope for survival is a bone-marrow transplant, but the only matching donor is Pete McCabe (Michael Keaton), a vicious, psychotic killer being held in a maximum-security prison. McCabe at first denies Conner's request for help but then agrees, devising an elaborate plan to use the medical procedure as an opportunity to escape. McCabe breaks loose before the transfusion can occur, and Conner is forced to become both his tracker and his ally, wanting to bring the serial killer back into custody but determined--for the sake of his son--to keep McCabe alive. Keaton is chilling as the vicious, brilliant convict, while Garcia turns in a heartfelt performance as a devoted father caught in the middle of a bad situation getting worse. With DESPERATE MEASURES, director Barbet Schroeder (REVERSAL OF FORTUNE), renowned for his knack of combining urgent family drama with white-knuckle suspense, adds another crowd-pleasing, thought-provoking film to his list of successes.

NIK A (us) wrote: I agree with Leo. This is a personal favourite of mine. BUT, if I had reviewed it after my first viewing, I'd have given it one star, as I thought it was rubbish, but as so happens every so often, on subsequent viewings I found it hilarious. For me, it's a classic

Ginger F (kr) wrote: Love, love this movie!

Gary B (ag) wrote: Funny, quirky brit flick based in liverpool.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Can't really remember this.

RetroMagFan (jp) wrote: And nope it's not the game, it's the car chase comedy with Ron Howard, a funny story as well as decent crashes and smashes make this Howard-Corman classic watchable.

Stella D (jp) wrote: if one can get past the obvious problems, like racially insensitive casting, animal slaughter and romanticizing native culture, it's quite a remarkable example of outsider cinema. containing peter o'toole's film debut (tho they saw fit to dub his voice), this is still a powerful film. you'll not see nothing like the mighty quinn!

Stephanie F (us) wrote: I had high expectations for this but it really wasn't very good. I'm glad I got to see it though.

Ilja S (ru) wrote: Critically aclaimed, with a great story, outstanding performances, and just the right amount of cheesy scenes to make this movie just as funny as intriguing.

Steve D (us) wrote: Portman gives her all and yet you wonder why. Why would she take a role in a film so lacking in originality or powerful characters?