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Architectura si puterea


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ismael r (ru) wrote: kabluey is one of the most charming and hilarious films i have seen in a very long time,it literaly had me in tears laughing. but aside from its funny nature it tells the story of a lonely man who just wants to be excepted and it couldent have worked eny better in this film. when he is sad it feels like you can feel his sorrow, when he is happy its as though you feel joy. be prepared for a rolercoaster of emotion watching this one.this is one that should not be missed.

Joel B (au) wrote: I Love this movie! It's so tops!

Christine A (mx) wrote: Ok movie, a few pretty funny moments. I liked it.

Alfia T (fr) wrote: ?????, ???????????, ???????, ??????.

Alysha W (es) wrote: A classic from when I was a Kid!

Tiffany F (br) wrote: Best movie I have seen in awhile.

Matthew B (jp) wrote: The atmosphere in 'From Hell' creates this stomach turning, graphic and this gothic universe where the Ripper lives, and that's why it gave this movie a unique look and feel to it. Johnny Depp once again brings a solid performance in this movie and the overall film is a decent watch.

Michael A (gb) wrote: I enjoyed watching this movie. Some of the moods are overdone, and the gorillas costumes are sometimes underdone, but overall the message of the movie is important.

Kristofer S (es) wrote: I'm really not sure why this movie is hated so much or why it received a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's just a good, entertaining Sci-Fi movie that I think deserves a little bit more recognition.

Casey R (au) wrote: One of those movies with everyone in it (though I got it because Brendan Fraser is :D). This was the first movie in my queue when Netflix was reactivated and it was a good one. A bit odd, independent film, dated (can't believe I'd say that about something from the 90's), but overall I'd recommend it.

Daniel K (us) wrote: 2.5: This was not nearly as scary as I remember it being the first time through alone in my college dorm room. It still has more than a few scenes that are spine-tinglingly terrifying, but it has lost some of its potency for me. Part of the problem is Anna Paquin. I basically haven't been a fan since The Piano and can't for the life of me understand why she has had such a successful career up to this point.

Mark K (es) wrote: Horrible acting, horrible pacing, but an interesting plot.

Gregory P (au) wrote: i lived this movie...

Leong C (it) wrote: Sean Penn's directorial debut, supported by a terrific casts...

Alexander C (it) wrote: Want to see at some point in the future! A treat !

Ryan T (fr) wrote: A great prequel that explains Holmes' persona as an adult and also provides a fun and unique mystery.

Jochen W (ca) wrote: Es ist zutiefst beeindruckend, wie sicher, trocken, bestimmt Rohmer als Filmemacher ist. L'AMOUR L'APR?S-MIDI stellt im Rahmen der "Six Contes Moraux" scheinbar eine Art Komplementr- und Gegenfilm zu MA NUIT CHEZ MAUD dar. Die Konstruktion hnelt sich dahingehend, dass beide Filme letztlich Planspiele in der Hinfhrung zu einem letztlich nicht vollzogenen sexuellen Abenteuer bilden. Wo MAUD aber in eine Sprachlosigkeit mndete, die durchaus im Ambivalenten bleibt, da steht am Ende von L'AMOUR L'APR?S-MIDI die Hoffnung aus dem Finden einer Sprache der Liebe heraus. Da zudem hier auch das zeitweise schwer akzeptable Katholizismusgequatsche aus MAUD wegfllt, scheint mir dieser Film doch eindeutig als der strkere, ebenso dichtere wie leichtere unter den beiden. Diese Woche folgt aus dem Zyklus noch LE GENOU DE CLAIRE!

Sean C (nl) wrote: Wasn't bad, wasn't great, wasn't scary. The doll hardly moves for the first half of the movie. When it does, it looks great. The deaths are lame and predictable, the ending was pretty good, but in all, you expect more of these movies and this one fell a little short in what I assume would be a reboot.

Heidi P (nl) wrote: one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my Life a big waste of time & money

Curtis b (au) wrote: The 90's alt crowd....