Architecture of Reassurance

Architecture of Reassurance

Dissatisfied with life at home, a young girl travels through other residences in her suburban neighborhood. She does what all of us would like to do: experience the domestic stories being played out by our neighbors. This tale is a voyeurist's paradise.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:22 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Dissatisfied with life at home, a young girl travels through other residences in her suburban neighborhood. She does what all of us would like to do: experience the domestic stories being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Architecture of Reassurance torrent reviews

Valerie F (fr) wrote: great information. not a movie for entertainment but important to disseminate. also sad. people may not want to think about these things. as with the holocaust, the truth is unbelievable.

Jake R (fr) wrote: Maybe I'm part of a niche crowd but I thought this film was incredible. "Brazil" for a modern age.

Grant H (es) wrote: Good movie. Very suspenseful and thoughtful, with an intriguing premise, strong performances from Moore, West and Sinise, and decent effects.

Shari R (ag) wrote: (Substitled)True story of French housecleaner who, at 41, starts painting. Handles mental illness with tact and compassion.

Tyson P (gb) wrote: few chuckles, suprisingly forgettable considering the great cast

Chris S (jp) wrote: Just watched this movie and I can relate to this kid all around good movie put a smile on my face :0)

Tevin R (ag) wrote: it's sad and i love that dog

Luis O (it) wrote: The New England of Dangerous Liaisons.

Carl M (au) wrote: could have been better than it actually was.

Bugi P (au) wrote: Modern Westerns performed with ease by a true cowboy actor, Clint Eastwood. Presents a high commitment cowboy, who watched from a group of people in maintaining a performance art that they bring in times of modernization began to underestimate them. This film will be spelled out very strong moral and social issues at the time, but unfortunately, this movie is too much filling jokes and humor, so powerful drama is less felt. So this film is western entertainment, which is packed with contemporary background, no more than that!!

Syed R (nl) wrote: It's a pretty decent vampire/witch film that feels like a Universal Monster movie. The opening scene was what hooked me in, it's was something far beyond its years. Barbara Steele was great playing two completely opposite roles. Although after a while it kinda lingers until it gets to the end.

Stu C (it) wrote: a classy turn from the legendary Sinatra as a man who thinks he's constantly down on his luck and all the jokes he pulls about fate/destiny being against him are well scripted and some truly sublime vocals from Day add a sassiness to such a great film!

Walter G (jp) wrote: This movie was based on a popular but second-rate novel by Anya Seton. Seton set a Gothic melodrama, obviously inspired by 'Jane Eyre' and 'Rebecca', within a historically accurate account of the Anti-Rent Wars that took place in upstate New York during the 1800s. The result is a mess. The historical information is boring (it reads like something copied from an encyclopedia) and the melodrama is equally boring (it reads like something copied from a 'Cliff's Notes' version of 'Jane Eyre'or 'Rebecca'). But there are some good things in the novel, just as there are some good things in the movie. Unfortunately they are not the same things. The best thing in Seton's novel is its Byronic antihero, Nicholas Van Ryn. Nicholas is a blond and handsome Greek god, and Miranda, the heroine, naturally falls in love with him the moment she sees him. Unfortunately her hero is tied to a selfish and whining invalid wife. As in 'Jane Eyre' and 'Rebecca', the death of the wife frees the hero and heroine to marry. But unlike 'Jane Eyre' and 'Rebecca', Dragonwyck's hero is also its villain. When Miranda discovers that Nicholas murdered his first wife, she runs away. Nicholas pursues her, presumably to prevent her from revealing his secret by killing her, just as he killed his first wife. But when their steamboat catches fire, Nicholas rescues Miranda, and dies while rescuing other passengers. He is a complex character, both villain and hero. The movie cuts most of the historical background, and what little remains of it is confusing. But the worst change is the movie's Nicholas Van Ryn. As played by the saturnine Vincent Price, he is obviously a villain, and Gene Tierney's Miranda seems stupid for not recognizing him as a villain the moment she sees him. There are some good things in the movie as well. The lush music and elaborate period decor are enjoyable, and Tierney does her best with a plot that gets more and more ridiculous the further it deviates from the novel (instead of dying bravely rescuing passengers from a burning steamboat, Price's Nicholas goes mad and is hunted down, like Frankenstein's monster, by irate villagers). This movie is worth a look, but don't expect too much.

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Stylish, but ultimately lacking, this Eastern European horror film features a lot of mean nuns, creepy townsfolk, and, well, water. It looks nice, and I think a lot of good elements went into the film, which I can only imagine was done on the cheap. Perhaps it needed to be shorter. Perhaps it needed more story. I'm not sure. But the random murderous nun attacks became almost laughable, and nobody seemed especially interested in doing anything, be it evil or good. OK, but not great.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Doesn't hold up very well but set the blueprint for the buddy adventure movie that still gets made today. This thing is so testosterone-fueled that watching it with your girlfriend might turn her into a hermaphrodite. The only woman in all of India is Joan Fontaine whose only function is to annoy and emasculate her fiancee Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Meanwhile his "friends" try to trick him into re-enlisting in the regimental army for another 9 years - great guys, huh? But it's all lighthearted stuff, Cary Grant is awesome as usual as the scoundrelly Sergeant Cutter who wants to find a legendary golden temple that happens to be the HQ of a burgeoning Thuggee cult. You know the Thuggees, the Kali-worshipping maniacs from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Spielberg even ripped off the rope bridge scene from this movie! Good action scenes keep this afloat because some of the in-between moments, like the ballroom soiree, bring the movie to screeching halt.

Doug K (ag) wrote: Quality cast. Very good, dark, neighborhood story.

Raji K (de) wrote: Robert DeNiro stars in Ronin the story of a group of rogue men who are tasked with recovering a mysterious briefcase for an unknown employer. Despite not knowing the contents, they know of the extreme elements of danger that come with retrieving the case given the security surrounding it. Ronin has practically nothing to do with the old Japanese samurai, it does features excellent action, and an exhilarating car chase. The action is gritty, and was enjoyable from start to finish.

Jake M (de) wrote: This is the kind of stuff Jack Black should be doing now! I didn't see this movie until about year ago and it was a really fun film! The kid actors are great, the comedy is hilarious, and it's absolutely entertaining! I would watch this over and over again.

David L (gb) wrote: Tootsie is nowadays a bit dated in its depiction of sexes and it is never as funny as it should have been, but its humor does provide some memorable moments and the premise is very smart and authentic if the movie never quite uses it to its full extent. But the character development is superb, the approach is realistic, the plot is always engaging, the conclusion is genius, the pacing is polished and the acting is top-notch with above all Dustin Hoffman being the standout here in a difficult role proving once again how he's a force to be reckoned with and one of the finest actors ever to grace the silver screen.