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Ardhanari torrent reviews

Ricardo R (de) wrote: Pretty good movie. Funny, interesting, intense, great scenery. Ending was a disappointment.

John B (ag) wrote: Lost Rivers is a fascinating look at the errors of city building and how some municipalities have sought to rectify the situation resulting in a reconnection between humans and rivers they had forgotten about. The film is that much stronger for showing the human cost of restoration efforts in an honest and straight forward manner.

Kristen W (nl) wrote: Much faster pace than SVD, the gore was much more in-your-face, not as much puke, I don't think. I don't know if I liked this one more than the other, though, in all honesty. I loved the Black Angels of Hell, Hank Skinny is...well, Hank Skinny, more Ameara would have been nice.

Becky M (de) wrote: it's a good film and a good sequel

Eliel L (kr) wrote: Una obra mediocre, tiene sus pequeos momentos divertidos para la familia, pero eso es todo.

Michael B (es) wrote: Visually appealing, quirky, and just plain enjoyable.

Karen H (br) wrote: 2013-02-16 saw for 2nd time, still great.

Russell H (mx) wrote: Brosnan seems to bring a little of Connery's humor back to the series. The only problem I see here is that there is too much down time. 6 years after the last one, the effects are much better. It's just not as exciting.

Frances P (kr) wrote: Es que te saca el aliento

Tristan M (ag) wrote: Great movie about military cadets, a military topic almost uncovered by film. Has some great actors, notably Tom Cruise, this being his first real performance, and Sean Pean also very early in his career. They all do great for their level of skill, and it shows, as does their ability to March and do drill in perfect form and sink. Their cause is real, but as young to be soldiers they take it way out of control and end up in a very undesirable situation. It's not something I would really expect to happen in real life, but if it did those boys would probably stay behind their decisions, looking for action, excitement and to be brave. I myself would see myself staying within the gates, even if just to say with my buddies and get a chance to feel like a soldier. It's a pretty goo movie, authentic feeling and well done. Everything looks right, feels real and makes for an overall good watch. Nothing stands out as being bad, although them holding guns to innocent people may be. The ending isn't a shootout, which is more or less what we expected, but of course the hard-ass Tom Cruise opens fire of the soldiers ending the gates until his and his friends death. Good way to end it, and is a overall good watch.

Tom G (es) wrote: The Devils is a stunningly beautiful and brilliantly acted film. However, it's poignant message gets muddled on multiple occasions making it a very confusing yet highly attractive piece of cinema.

Aiu N (ca) wrote: Creepy little film about a woman's dislike of men. Beautifully shot and surreal. Installment one of the Roman Polanski's Apartment trilogy.

Justin M (br) wrote: Mamoulian's best, and Myrna Loy steals every scene she's in. Unequivocally bitchin'.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: I went to see this at the cinema as a child. I don't remember the film but do remember enjoying it. Now, many years later it's quite simply Planet Of The Apes meets Godzilla all stirred up in a steaming pile of cheezy crap. Ay yay yay!!!