Are All Men Pedophiles?

Are All Men Pedophiles?

What is the difference between us and pedophiles?

What is the difference between us and pedophiles? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Petros T (au) wrote: "Miss Violence" has slow pace, little dialogue and some shocking scenes. It's artistically made yet tough, the exquisite photography and sound underlining the family's criminal dysfunction. Themis Panou, who was the comic relief in "Illustration", here delivers a taut performance as the soft-speaking yet fearful and perverse father. "Miss Violence" is a great effort. Strong like a punch in the guts but sensitive as a work of art.

Megan G (ru) wrote: This wonderful film adaptation of Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry books really brings Henry to life. The only thing it failed to accomplish was the special effects.

John R (au) wrote: Ok, I'm trying to be honest. Love when good modern Western films come out. Love the genre, the costuming, and weapons. Love the badass characters. This film has them all but it's just plain strange. Almost too strange for me to understand. Will require more viewings to figure it out. Val Kilmer is in the movie but trust me, he doesn't do much and his part could've been played by anyone.

Rosmari P (au) wrote: a couple with problems get into a fight while driving at night and while he is having a drink she leaves to take the train but never arrives. For a good detective story the film has too many length; for a psychological study it doesn't have enough depth.

Cameron D (ca) wrote: Everybody else hated this movie but for some reason I absolutely love it!

Zbigniew Z (jp) wrote: As much as I admire Cate Blanchett, she's terrible in this (very interesting) movie.

Dean T (kr) wrote: AKA 'Travelling Birds'. A great French nature documentary with incredible flying footage. Compared to BBC nature documentaries there is a quietness here which is refreshing. A fantastic intermittent soundtrack with a 70's psych-folk feel (& contributions from Nick Cave?!), sparse narration, & a glimpse of humanity on the periphery. This would be a fantastic experience if ever converted to 3d.

John M (ag) wrote: This is an exercise is man-bashing, from start to finish, except for the last scene. That's when The Man rescues Jessica from herself, as she gets her homosexual fling "out of her system." If this were a true love story, we'd be able to SEE the lovers kiss each other. Why doesn't the director show this? It's all for show. She knows that straight women (her target demo) are ashamed of their Lesbian feelings. Instead of tackling that, head on, the director runs away from it like the coward she is. Straight women, however, do love to see the humiliation of males. It makes the women feel better about the lousy choices they, and nobody else, made in life.

Douglas L (it) wrote: This is probably the best cast Seagal has had around him in one of his movies. I think it helped the movie out (esp. with Arnold and Anderson) but the movie stayed entertaining with quick action an easy storyline and some good supporting cast. An action fan's pick, this one of course would never blow away, but I do enjoy it, every time I see it.

Erin O (nl) wrote: Campy fun! Favorite quote: "If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it out of you." -Chuck Norris

Alexis R (fr) wrote: The beautiful soundtrack of oboe & bassoon really gets in deep. I guess I'll have to read the book now. Great acting. Pleasantly surprised.

william m (us) wrote: A solid bank robbery movie with a well selected cast. However, it left so many unresolved questions by the end, and unanswered motivations I would have preferred to see explained. And for being a perfectly planned heist plan, they failed to realize that a single police dog would have blown the entire plot.