Are We Men or Corporals?

Are We Men or Corporals?

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Are We Men or Corporals? torrent reviews

Jerry W (us) wrote: In quintessentially Wes Anderson fashion, charming as hell.

Eisa H (de) wrote: 2 best movie in the world for me

Jussi M (ru) wrote: Hiriintynyt mutta suhteellisen pitkveteinen elokuva.


Tsukasa A (fr) wrote: The Spanish movie portrays Hypatia who was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in Egypt. She was the head of the Neoplatonic school at Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy. She was murdered by a Christian mob after being accused of exacerbating a conflict between two prominent figures in Alexandria: the governor Orestes and the Bishop of Alexandria.It's amazing she in the 5th century assumed the earth goes around the sun in an elliptical orbit which Johannes Kepler formulated in the 17th century but it's a pity Christians persecuted and executed her as a pagan and witch as well as they destroyed the Library of Alexandria which we can call a symbol of wisdom accumulated by that time. It may not be just because of a religious war but may be because of human nature as we are still suffering from discrimination and terrorism. I hope we will be free from such a vice someday and all the people live in peace regardless whether they are talented like Hypatia or not.

Mike P (fr) wrote: Not as great as the two aging acting champions teaming should have been with predictable twists and turns, but its hard to dismiss the film totally because the two still maintain a lot of chemistry and life into their otherwise flat roles.

Christophe M (nl) wrote: 4 heures, c'est la dure de ce machin et franchement ce n'est pas rien, spars en deux parties de 2h chacune, "Philosophy of a knife" raconte l'histoire de l'unit 731. Grce au tmoignage d'un ancien traducteur russe, de photos d'archive, de reconstitutions bases sur des faits rels, on a droit tout un pan d'une unit qui a servi pendant prs de quinze ans et qui a vu commettre certains des pires actes de tortures jamais faits aux Hommes. C'est rvoltant, dgueulasse, barbare ? Oui, est-ce indit ? Non, dans l'Histoire on a vu ce genre de cas des tas de fois et mme dans le cinema car le sujet de ce docu-fiction a dj t trait dans la clbre srie des "Men Behind The Sun". Evidemment, ce n'est pas trs facile voir, il faut vraiment tre d'humeur pour supporter tout a d'image violente, dgueu mais surtout de voir tout a dans un emballage tantt art et essai tantt documentaire ou tl-ralit avec photos et tmoignage sur fond de musique hypnotisante. Je vais pas m'amuser numrer toutes les scnes choquantes mais en tout cas, aussi farfelue que certaines puissent paratre, a s'est pass comme a, certaines reconstitutions ont mme l'appui de photos pour tayer. Le film ne part pas dans tous les sens (enfin presque) pour autant, on a des points d'ancrage en la personne de deux personnages dans la partie reconstitution (l'infirmire et le jeune militaire) et le traducteur militaire Protasov, lequel apparat sporadiquement une grande partie du film, pour avoir enfin une bonne demi-heure lui tout seul pour parler des vnements lors du dclin de cette unit 731 et du procs qui a suivi. A voir comme un film drangeant, un morceau d'histoire, la photographie dtaille et documente d'une poque ou alors tout la fois, parce que rduire ce travail un seul style serait une erreur !

Valentina N (jp) wrote: I likened this movie to a game of chess. Where Mick Jagger is the King and Martin Scorsese is the Pawn. Martin Scorsese may be credited as the Director, but Mick Jagger's prints are all over it, as you would expect from the front man of the well-oiled machine that is the Stones. They're so famous, there's no need for us to refer to them as the Rolling Stones anymore. They're just the Stones. Example: "Whose your favourite band?" "Whose my favourite band? That would be the Stones." I guess I was expecting something else, something more. Something to make me want to gyrate in my living room, to make me want to turn up the volume to indecent, not to sprawl out on my couch like a sloth. That's what I wanted from a pairing of one of the biggest rock bands in the world with the man who gave us movies like Taxi Driver. They should have made a B-side of this film. You know, with all the bits they edited out left in. Christina Aguilera wouldn't have made it to the B-side version. Infact, I'm not sure why she made it to this version. Alas, there were some parts I liked. The B&W footage is excellent. As are some of the interviews with foreign journalists where we see the lads clearly take the piss because the piss is there clearly to be taken. I was suprised to see the song 'Undercover On The Night' on the 19th nervous breakdown list. Highlights for me were the track 'Some Girls' as well as the champagne and reefer song. "Give me champagne when I'm thirsty and a reefer when I want to get high" [but make mine French champagne]. At least he doesn't have to worry about being thrown in jail these days. I also loved this line from Martin Scorsese where he's talking to the Stage Manager about some sort of pyrotechic display. "We want the effect, but we can't burn Mick Jagger." He reminds me of Woody Allen in that way. I wanted to pinch his cheeks. And being handed the set list at the 12th hour, that had to have been the Stones taking the piss. And the awkward moment when Bill Clinton announces to Mick Jagger that his friends who are 60+ are ringing him up at the last minute wanting tickets and Jagger's brilliant dodge "so how's the audience gonna be with all these cameras then?" I felt that it needed to be shot in an arena. One big enough to fit Jagger's ego. A theatre is simply not big enough to allow for those confident, peacock moves and gyrating hips in black skinny jeans. And what was with all the close ups of drummer Charlie Watts? But the real highlight: Keith Richards solo Blues number when it was his turn to take the mic.

Andrea S (es) wrote: Interesting look at the life of an elderly writer trying to get the Muse back for a visit or two while attempting to write new material. I really liked this actually. Pretty good acting.

Christopher H (ag) wrote: The acting is right, but the script is all wrong. All three actors play off each other well, but the constant shifting of the plot gets zanier and zanier with each passing twist. Being a story about a troubled writer, I would have almost given this film the benefit of the doubt if it had gone with the twist that these crazy turns of events were all part of a story written by David Schwimmer's character. By the time Jon Polito's character gets involved, I was completely done with this film.

Tatsuhito K (ag) wrote: Clooney's directorial debut features a dynamite central performance from Sam Rockwell, and the Noir-esque visual style that gives an oddly soothing feel. It's sharply written (kudos to Charlie Kaufman), darkly funny, and sometimes traumatically cold and Clooney does a wonderful job of managing the tonal balance, as well as telling a fascinating story about a TV producer who worked for CIA as an assassin. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is intriguing, stylish, and an ambitious mix of drama, comedy, and mystery.

Corey W (fr) wrote: Often overlooked, this high school movie features a cast with whom you can't help but fall in love.

rebecca l (mx) wrote: I love this, it is so funny!!! I could wach this over again!!! :)

Christine R (ru) wrote: The whole idea of this movie is really ridiculous, but I LOVED it. It is romantic, and adorable. Greer Garson and Ronald Colman are perfect together as an amnesiac WWI vet and the love he finds and then loses and finally finds again. I could not believe it, but I wanted to...perfect movie to lose yourself in.

Richard Y (br) wrote: Definitely one of Elvis' forgettables.

Kim M (au) wrote: Things look depressing, and everybody is weird in his/her own way. But by the time the movie ends, I got to like every character and found myself smiling. A quiet, heart-warming gem!

Augustine H (ca) wrote: I believe Edward Zwick could have explored Bobby Fischer deeper, but the film itself is already pretty entertaining. Tobey Maguire finally showcased himself as a good actor here.

nicole m (nl) wrote: its a very good movie and its so funny its hilarious i recommand this movie