Are You Here

Are You Here

When Steve Dallas, a womanizing local weatherman, hears that his off-the-grid best friend Ben Baker has lost his estranged father, the two return to Ben's childhood home. Once there, they discover Ben has inherited the family fortune, and the ill-equipped duo must battle Ben's formidable sister and deal with his father's gorgeous 25-year old widow.

Two childhood best friends embark on a road trip back to their hometown after one of them learns he has inherited a large sum of money from his recently deceased estranged father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (ag) wrote: I'm generally a fan of these outrageous Japanese gore comedies, but this one is the bottom of the barrel. The satire of prison movies and sports films completely misses the mark, substituting lame, cheap gross-out effects for humour. Not worth your time. Not at all.

Tino R (br) wrote: It moves pretty fast, has it's moments and the charismatic performance from Dameon Clarke makes the main character likable, but if you are not into Black Comedy at all then you should pass on this.

Tru A (fr) wrote: Joey King having a rough patch in this movie. Selena Gomez continues to prove she isn't cut out for acting. Best thing about this movie is John Corbett who shines.

bloody w (mx) wrote: I don't know what this was trying to be. but whatever it was it fell flat on its face

Emily W (es) wrote: A necessarily languid movie about the trip that shaped Che Guevara's political beliefs that's a bit too long and a bit too preachy.

Eduardo C (ag) wrote: I almost stopped watching it 15 M in , then again at 20 M. The constantly moving back and forth hand held camera was giving me a headache . But after about 40 m or so that stopped or , i just got used to it. This is a homage to musicals and simultaneously an anti-musical, the musical numbers are very hard to watch due mostly to this perhaps being the most disturbing and depressing film ever made. And don't ever think Bjork isn't a talented actress. She most definitely is . The only problem , besides the hand held camera is that this film pushes the envelope for tragic outcomes, but everything that does happen is unfortunately possible. I won't go into the plot. Just watch it but you'll probably won't be able to finish watching. Yes, it is that depressing. Even i skipped parts of it and i love tragic films.

Aidan M (br) wrote: A film not without it's flaws but pleasant. Carried by a stellar performance by Tom Hanks, this film follows a stupid by kind man's journey as he accidentally stumbles his way though out history. While it's message is a little of the mark, it's fun and immense number of quotable lines make it an enjoyable film.

Brian W (ca) wrote: I'm a big fan of Jim Varney. He is a great actor and always funny.

Heather C (au) wrote: A must see for all classic romance lovers! I just wish that it was out on DVD and that the VHS could be purchased under $65!

Ali T (gb) wrote: classic but not the best one .

Scott R (gb) wrote: Seemed like half baked ideas despite its beauty.