Are You Scared?

Are You Scared?

After waking up in an abandoned factory, six kidnapped terns realize they are contestants on a reality show called "Are You Scared?"

Six kidnapped teens awake in an abandoned factory to discover they're being filmed for a twisted and terrifying reality show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: another unforgettable journey thru Siberia with director Werner Herzog

Garry W (nl) wrote: Brought back memories of being in DC in '68 :)

Gavin M (es) wrote: This is without a doubt one of the best comedy sequels I have ever seen. Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal prove they still got the magic together that made the first one so watchable. And this is another DeNiro performance that proves why Deniro is my favorite actor, and that nobody beats him, nobody! and if you argue that, your setting yourself up to get whacked!

Brian N (ru) wrote: It was a creepy movie but nothing that made me really scared.

Pete O (es) wrote: Excellent documentary on Italian cinema... Scorsese gives a passionate and deep look into some of the greatest films ever made.

Kim B (ca) wrote: While I enjoyed the subject material and acting, the story jumped from character to character, never fully coming close to developing. Kind of like Joy Luck Club or Steel Magnolias in that it chronicles several women's lives, but not as good. Dealt with the subjects of affairs and death. Plenty of eye-candy for girls to look at. Still am left wondering why it was never said whether Winona told her fiance about her affair. Dealt with tough subjects using predictably and cutesy symbolism.

Sean d (ca) wrote: Simple and easy to follow. classic old skool effects that just work

David A (es) wrote: A bit of a romp with one or two fantastic moments. Interesting use of sound and a rather lovely colour film stock lend it a surprising intimacy. Yet again a GDR movie revolving around a lack of men - although by '73 this must have been a bit less of an issue for a 23 year old such as Paula.

Brad W (nl) wrote: Under appreciated time killer.

Logan M (br) wrote: At just over an hour, "Dumbo" doesn't use any more time than it needs to tell a powerful animated story.

Jake J (nl) wrote: One of the best political drama about blacklist films anyone can learn about for years.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Despite 22 prior arrests, the judge opts for leniancy in the case of a street gang leader accused of killing a young child in a home invasion, allowing him to walk on a suspended sentence. Instead he sends the father to jail for contempt. Excessively violent but simply electric story of a group of regular guys who decide to 'take back the streets' of their neighbourhood. Great cast.