The crew of Tibi Balogh sets out on a journey across Hungary to get the ancient Gold Owl statue, as well as the Milk Man. The treasure is worth millions, who gets there first?

The crew of Tibi Balogh sets out on a journey across Hungary to get the ancient Gold Owl statue, as well as the Milk Man. The treasure is worth millions, who gets there first? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Argo torrent reviews

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Man is held captive in a boot of a car and is routinely tortured as his captors want info on the president. It's ok but rather a strange and silly ending with a bit of an obvious twist.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: The best thing about this film is the fact that SyFy went after Jersey Shore. Other than that, there is nothing.

Matt B (gb) wrote: Everyone has amnesia! Who do you trust?! Barry Pepper still has an incompetant agent! Didn't we burn out on these almost interesting actors bickering about a crime twist-a-thons in the mid 90's?

Ken W (it) wrote: The most recent attempt to bring the avenging angel of the marvel universe, The Punisher, doesn't hit the target...but it doesn't give you cancer either. Ray Stevenson's portrayal of Frank Castle is as close to the comic source material as one could want. The violence is as hammy and extreme as fans could expect for a character who rose to prominence during the 1980s as a commentary on ultra violence. What I can't defend is the villains and supporting cast. Dominic West's Jigsaw and Doug Hutchison's Looney Bin Jim make Bugsy Bunny feel realistic. Their accents alone make these some of the worst character portrayals taken from comics. One point that needs to be considered when watching Punisher: War Zone is that this is not serious. Warzone shares more with Friday the 13th than The Dark Knight. This is Jason with bullets, and we should be cheering him the whole way. Taken as an inverted slasher, instead of character study, Punisher:Warzone is modern day ultra-violent nostalgia that should be enjoyed with popcorn, not analyzed with a fine tooth comb.

Elena L (ru) wrote: I couldn't make it through the entire movie. It wasn't what I was expecting. Just blah.

Jeremy (es) wrote: the worst move EVER...yep, I said it. It needs a negative score.

Kenny M (mx) wrote: This actually is not as bad as people say it is. A very flawed film, but anyone that can enjoy a monster/creature flick that doesn't have to have a spectacular production value should check this out. My biggest complaint is the creatures silly looking rubber face, I've seen Halloween masks that looked more frightening that the one used here. The shot on Ireland countryside location compliments the film, as well as a very interesting back story. People who have read the original short story included in Clive Barker's "Books of Blood" series, will be disappointed though, because the the film is watered down from the original story.

Bob L (us) wrote: A Bonnie and Clyde exploitation flick, one of Scorsese's earliest. At times gratuitous,formulaic, genius. You really do get the sense of a great director who hasn't yet found himself. Hershey is flat out sexy, I'll take her over Dunaway any time. The end scene is breathtaking.

Stanley A (br) wrote: I watched this film on blu-ray and while it was visually stunning, the story was not very interesting to me. Great sets, costumes and camera work! I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either.

Greg W (br) wrote: good western sequel of sorts

Michael V (ca) wrote: Solid movie. I'm a fan of the majority of the actors and actresses in this film. Story moves along nicely while offering up twist and turns. Worth a watch.

bill s (mx) wrote: Tandy and Freeman are a joy to watch......flawless in their scenes together.

Vasco M (au) wrote: The ideas perpetuated through this movie require some maturity to analyse and consider, because despite its endearing story and likable, flawed characters, it's a movie with depth that's keen to challenge the conventional and the sacred.

Iggy A (jp) wrote: Watchable but I wouldn't recommend working or lower middle class people paying good money to see it. Top quality people in it - which means significant money went into making it - so I'd expect much better out of the talent and budget...

Mike M (fr) wrote: Great chase sequences in this film!