Arise! The SubGenius Video

Arise! The SubGenius Video

A brain-crushing collage of music and video presented in the form of a religious recruitment video. The topics covered (in deadpan narration) are basic psychology, the origin of the human ...

A brain-crushing collage of music and video presented in the form of a religious recruitment video. The topics covered (in deadpan narration) are basic psychology, the origin of the human ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rabeea (kr) wrote: A few parts were ripped off from The Notebook.

Brett H (es) wrote: A bizarrely original and ridiculous dark comedy/horror that can be read as a feminist statement, but really it's just stupid for all who watch. The story literally revolves around a prudent teenager who's saving herself for marriage and for some reason, once she discovers that she has teeth in her vagina, every scumbag around her suddenly has the urge to rape/abuse her. The acting is pretty lousy and you can tell it's a low-quality film, but with a ludicrous idea like this, it should've been way more insane. I will say that it's the ultimate cringe-inducer for men and many of the "bites" don't leave a lot to the imagination. There is definitely a sexist agenda here where all the males are goons who want nothing more than to get into her pants, and it gets to the point of parody by the final scene. I do respect it for trying to give some power back to the female audience, but the script is so lackluster and the film more of a gimmick, that it really doesn't succeed at all.

Steve Z (jp) wrote: Terrible movie with little budget and a storyline to match. Doesn't thrill you, doesn't chill you, doesn't even will you to watch it through to the end.

Patrick R (ag) wrote: I liked the movie's dumbass humor, but not as funny as the smart comedic movies out there, it's not award winning, & I don't think they were going for awards.

Serafina K (us) wrote: The cast is an AMAZING list of actors who peaked in the 90s but have, for the most part, disppeared since. A fairly standard premise, but veers from the formula enough to stay interesting. Incredible directing and camera work, but the writing was lacking a bit. I definitely enjoyed watching it, but it'll probably be one of those that I'll have forgotten that I've seen after a few months.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: The film was well written by the always excellent David Mamet. Jack Nicholson did relatively well to transform into the very controversial James Riddle Hoffa. However, since I am a big fan of Nicholson, I thought he did well with very few errors. If you are not a fan of Nicholson, I could definitely see why Hoffa would be the worst film to see. First, it ran way too long. Danny DeVito is a solid director but this is not his best work. Second, some of the facts have been misconstrued to say the least. I also thought John C. Reilly as Pete Connelly could have been given a bigger role but he was not and he was made to be the guy who brought down Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa brought himself down by making enemies who became very powerful people. I also thought Kevin Anderson as Robert Kennedy was one of the worst acting performances I have ever seen. The accent was screwy and the acting was just substandard. Nicholson carried the film as much as he could but even he can do only so much. Worth seeing if you love Jack Nicholson. If you do not, then do not waste the 140 minutes.

Bheema D (jp) wrote: There are two options when you walk into Invisible Invaders: Either straight up terrible, or awesome in its unintentional absurdity. This movie falls into the latter.

David G (ag) wrote: I think it's a nice movie to watch on TV. There's many thrillers of the kind, maybe, but this average 2007 thriller still has more script than the average blockbuster movie of 2013...


Dillon L (kr) wrote: My fav of the trilogy, great action and emotion

Dr A (au) wrote: I didn't really like this Hitchcock film. I thought it was very much so on the campy side and, no spoilers here, the end was too simplistic and with no payout or justice made. Sure it's a 1950's comedy and the acting was, in accordance to the times, quite stilted. All that aside, I believe it is in fact a really enjoyable movie if you are willing to understand the time it was made on.