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Gimly M (nl) wrote: Most every modern day Found Footage Horror emulates The Blair Witch Project in some way or other, but never before have I seen a film so blatantly rip it off as The Black Water Vampire. The creature design for the titular vampire was semi-decent, seems very inspired by Craig Conway's Scar in The Descent, and the decision to withhold it from the audience until the third act was a nice touch. Or more, it would have been a nice touch, if it wasn't for the fact that we get our first look at the damn thing ON THE COVER OF THE MOVIE.All told Black Water Vampire is a ripoff of a fair few different movies which were all done far better, but that said, I suppose I've never actually seen a Found Footage Horror about a vampire before, so there's at least that.

Luis R (ag) wrote: The trailer got me fooled

Chris Q (it) wrote: Dragged on for too long, would have worked better in a 10-20 minute piece. There are some enjoyable moments like Eddie Vedder playing a Cat Stevens song, but other than that it seems like a vanity project.

Meow Z (br) wrote: These are the 2 most lead characters ever. All they do is bitch, moan, whine, and complain. I don't know why they're together or how they haven't killed each other by now, and I really don't care. The movie is offensive, in bad taste, and not even funny. Everyone in the movie is basically borderline psychotic.

Dark L (ca) wrote: Some of the most beautiful cinematography ever.

Timothy S (us) wrote: There have been a lot of movies made featuring May-December romances, but "White Palace" is unique among them. First of all, it turns the tables on the gender rules that apply to most by making the female the elder, and secondly, few of them are this real and honest. Many saw this as a flip side to the blockbuster "Pretty Woman", and the comparison is valid to a certain extent but this is no fairy tale. James Spader and Susan Sarandon give multi-layered performances as two complex characters, and the screenplay refuses to take the easy way out. They don't have all the answers, and that's refreshing to see. For Sarandon, Spader being embarrassed to introduce her to his friends is a huge sticking point, but at the same time you question whether or not she really wants to be put in that situation. The couple is happy enough together until they are forced to see their relationship through other people's eyes. Ted Tally has written a script full of tricky social commentaries such as that, the whole while building a credible connection between the two stars. You believe them as a couple despite their age and background differences, and the eroticism is definitely genuine as well. The only element that sidetracks the film is the oddball appearance of Eileen Brennan as Sarandon's psychic sister. The only real purpose she serves is as a plot device to bring the two leads back together in an unfortunate happy ending that truly betrays the film. It feels as phony as the rest of the picture feels truthful. Until then, however, "White Palace" is a terrific film, full of honesty and certifiable emotions. The conclusion feels tacked on.

Dorianator F (ag) wrote: Fantastic film. I mean, the whole mobster thing felt cliche, but other than that, I loved the movie. Another Woody Allen great. Witty dialogue, great acting, very entertaining.

Martin T (us) wrote: I liked Cooper here, who has a lightness I haven't seen in him elsewhere. March has a Jack Lemmon-ish quality to him, and Hopkins is quite funny and alluring. Classic comedy doesn't usually get me that excited, but I still enjoyed it. Not enough to want to see it again, but at least nothing irritated me about it. There's a pre-Code frankness that's bawdy without being crude, and I wonder if the storyline (either from the film or the original Noel Coward play) was an inspiration for Jules and Jim.

Matthew S (it) wrote: I ended up seeing Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylors' "Crank" by accident. I can remember cringing at the thought of what I was about to see. But within less than 2 minutes -- this insane, hilarious, perverse, subversive, sick, twisted and Super-Amphetamine-fueled "experience" of an action/adventure movie grabbed me by the neck and didn't let me loose until the credits began to jolt onto the screen. I love this movie. Jason Statham, Amy Smart and Dwight Yoakam are deserving of respect for having "risked" this surprisingly "smart" and deeply provocative movie! Everything about this movie works -- and everything about it is so sick and wrong! You gotta love it. As far as I'm concerned this film is close to perfect. Art House Cinephiles be damned -- this film is art.

Mark H (ru) wrote: I don't ever plan on watching this film again, but I'll admit the dialogue and characterization was pretty good, just as anyone should expect from a story by John Hughes. Otherwise move along people, there's nothing new here.