The freedom struggle of India against the British government.

The freedom struggle of India against the British government. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Armaan torrent reviews

Danny R (us) wrote: Beyond atrocious. One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Sameer K (it) wrote: Incredible. One of the most creative movies I've ever seen.

Ariel R (es) wrote: Actuaciones regularzonas, un ritmo muy lento (esos 97 minutos se me hicieron eternos), y otros defectos hacen que HairBrained sea una opcin no muy recomendable.

Inta K (au) wrote: weird and somehow boring movie

Brian S (mx) wrote: Believe it or not, it's actually a good movie, of course if you can ignore the special effects, who are far beyond terrible. It's an extremely goofy and campy remake of the 1978 Roger Corman movie. If you can ignore it's few flaws, you may just get a few kicks out of this pic, with all the bloodshed and sexy nudity you want. Ving Rhames is in this film, which I liked and even the good old Eli Roth makes an appearance, which I just loved. Recommended !!

Ahmed M (ag) wrote: An amazing movie despite the fact it's literally copied from a south movie (with the same name) which is copied by the breathtaking Hollywood movie Memento, Ghajini still is an amazing movie supported by amazing performances by all actors and a brilliant performance by Aamir Khan.

Jeanette M (gb) wrote: cool old family movie

Dane P (us) wrote: A incredibly slow paced but pretty nice in some parts. The film requires an audience that enjoys slice of life films. I'm not the biggest fan of those but I can say that this one's really good in that category. I won't be coming back to it however.

Jim S (br) wrote: I saw this movie when it was first released. I was much younger then and found it quite funny. Now I'm much older, almost the entire cast is dead and it's just not that funny anymore. What I do know is that much of the dialogue is misogynistic and some of the characterizations are downright racist.

Saleem M (kr) wrote: Great western with two of the premier African-American actors of their time... Ruby Dee was sexy, too :)

Brad H (es) wrote: The masked super-criminal Diabolik jumps out of his Italian 60s comic book to steal totally ridiculous trinkets in this psychedelic big screen trip. It feels like comic book adaptions are only a recent craze and it can come as a surprise for some that it's actually been going on for a very long time now. In the 60s the big craze was for Italian comics, and although many will remember and recognise the more well known "Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy" there was also many other good (but less well know) comic book adaptions. "Danger: Diabolik" is definitely one of these. Directed by Gothic Horror director Mario Brava it is considered unique amongst other films of the genre. Diabolik is a classic comic book character. He wears a costume (kind of a masked, ninja suit), has a trademark set of arching eyebrows and a super villain laugh, wields an array of bizarre gadgets and is an unrestrained anarchist as much as he is a master of grand larceny. He is also an anti-hero; stealing from rich officials and keeping it for himself, beating information from a crime lord as they fall through the air from inside a plane and casually destroying the country's tax offices simply because he doesn't like how the government spends the funds!It's impossible not to like Diabolik, and the 60s style of drug abuse and free love seems to compliment and heighten the absurdity of his (and the film's) personality. So the story isn't particularly deep and there's not really any hidden meaning to take out of watching it. It doesn't really matter, because Diabolik is incredibly fun and (taken at it's face value) is both a great comic caper and entertaining cinema. Love making amongst millions of dollars in notes, scaling a wall spider-man style to steal a priceless necklace, drugging an official press conference so the officials break down laughing and stealing a 20 ton gold ingot are just a selection of weird events that Diabolik carries out over the cause of the film. The energy of the film exhilarates and entertains, and there's no doubting that John Philip Law IS Diabolik (apart from his trademark eye brows which he apparently had to glue into the correct pose for the film!). Marisa Mell is also incredible (and hot) as Diabolik's high rent lover/partner/accomplice. A nod also has to be given to super villain Valmont who is the trademark comic bad guy in every way (he even has a secret trapdoor that drops troublesome employees out of his plane!), and the wise cracking detective who's always mouthing off to the rubbish government and never ceasing in the hunt for Diabolik. THE VERDICT? I don't think I realised until I did this review just how much I really loved this film! It's shallow but also iconic, psychedelic, sexy and completely nuts! Danger: Diabolik is great entertainment and definitely on of the better comic book adaptions out there. It's Batman, V for Vendetta and the swinging 60s all rolled into one crazy film! LIKE THIS? YOU MIGHT LIKE... BARBARELLA- Another Italian comic adaption. It's better known but sadly even less highly regarded.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Top-notch cast in a gritty, realistic Korean War film.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: The Corn is Green is an amazing film. It is about a schoolteacher who is dismayed with by conditions in a Welsh mining town. Bette Davis and Nigel Bruce give wonderful performances. The screenplay is well written. Irving Rapper did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. The Corn is Green is a must see.

Real G (nl) wrote: When you first see this film, you'll see Gary Cooper and you'll go Holy Smokes! Is that Gary Cooper?! Dude looks so young, nothing like the 40-something sheriff in High Noon. But my favorite character in this film isn't Coop or his love interest, it's the two drunken scouts who brought Coop up, specifically Bill Jackson. The dude is pure comedy man. Think Billy Connoley back in the 30s. One of the best scenes, when Coop's love interest gets pissy at him and starts screaming at him in French, Bill walks away goin Jabba Jabba Jabba. rofl You gotta see it. Damn, I should put that on my voicemail...

Mike B (jp) wrote: The Hunger Games Catching Fire is the best hollywood sequel I have ever seen. In the continuation of the Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire shockingly outdoes the beloved Hunger Games in almost every way, with amplified suspense, story telling and effects, there is no wonder why this movie made it big in the box office. Jennifer Lawrence, I might add, made an incredible performance along with the rest of the cast. Catching Fire is no doubt, one of the best movies of 2013.