Armbryterskan från Ensamheten

Armbryterskan från Ensamheten

The tiny village in the far north of Sweden called Ensamheten (Solitude) has sixteen inhabitants. They all share an unusual passion - armwrestling. Among them is 22-year-old Heidi Andersson...

The tiny village in the far north of Sweden called Ensamheten (Solitude) has sixteen inhabitants. They all share an unusual passion - armwrestling. Among them is 22-year-old Heidi Andersson... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob M (jp) wrote: Terribly written, emotionally dry, and horrifically acted, my one question is: How does Freddie Highmore manage to get work?

Jenn M (es) wrote: truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.Basically this is supposed to be a spoof of James Bond but a high school detention class could have made this funnier. It just really seemed as if the writers and director were trying way too hard and it fell short on everything. I didn't even crack a half smile at any point in this, it was just dreadful.I don't think I can ever watch Mr. Bean again and for that I am sad

Quentin A (gb) wrote: Interesting.... and well thought out for a slow passed murder flick. whith a wide variety of actors known from all movie genras.

chantal r (ca) wrote: its romantic when love and dance is involve

Lillshorty 9 (fr) wrote: sad yet very interesting

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Dominic C (es) wrote: Muppets From Space is easily my least favorite of the theatrical Muppet movies. Of course that's like saying your least favorite hobby. I still love it. The premise of making Gonzo the star is pleasant. The characters are their usual lovable selvesand scenes with Miss Piggy as a reporter, and Rizzo and Pepe's dialogues make it quite funny. Using Muppets Tonight characters was good as it took Muppets who had yet to become as famous as Kermit, Piggy, and Fozzie and giving them a chance. They are entertaining characters particuarly a affable mad scienist the villain has recruited to remove Gonzo's brain. The humor is good in most places particularly spy weapons Bunsen gives the Muppets to help them save Gonzo. However there are a couple of legitimate flaws which is something I couldn't say for the other movies. Gonzo being an alien isn't a great idea in my opinion as Gonzo was supposed to be his own creature, but luckily Muppet movies don't have a canon so whether or not he's an alien is debatable. There are no original songs and just playing 70's songs seems a bit lazier and takes away some creativity from the other Muppet movies. There is a bit of lower level humors (nose picking and such)that doesn't come up to the level of the original movies. However like the other movies it's still an enjoyable movie families should enjoy.

Matthew S (br) wrote: Skip this movie and read the book. Uli Edel seems more interested in shocking and repulsing the audience rather than explore the humanity and truth that Selby so potently captured. Jennifer Jason-Leigh is the only participant who manages to actually breath believable life into her role. But she doesn't manage to escape the cruel exploitation the film presents. Selby's poetic bleakness has been over-acted, exploited and all that the filmmakers leaves us is a brutally cruel movie.

Scott C (jp) wrote: The first, but not the most memorable of the very strange 'Airport' franchise.

Brian C (kr) wrote: A decent enough Hammer flick of people getting turned to stone. Lee and Cushing are awesome. Nice bits with Patrick Troughton as well. Not the best movie, but still entertaining.

Mackenie S (jp) wrote: It wasn't the greatest film I've ever seen, but the story was absolutely Shakespearian! Rita Hayworth is so beautiful; it's unreal.

Ian G (ca) wrote: Happy Feet Two is the follow up to the original 2006 film which in itself was a surprise hit when it came out and defintely goes out to secure the same audience for the follow up with some new song and dance numbers, recasting Kidman's character with PINK and putting Elijah into the father role trying to inspire his son to find his potential and be himself. Nothing as original or surprising as with the first although the banter between Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as the two Krill looking to break from the swarm and find their own identities made the film pop, otherwise it seemed a tad pedestrian. Almost like George Miller just went back one more time to the well in order to get some more box office clout to finally get Mad Max Fury Road made which in retrospect I have no issues with.

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